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Welcome to the index page of my Worldbuilding series. Below you will find article related to a wide range of topics. It is a lot to look up, so be sure to hover your mouse over Worldbuilding up top and click on a specific topic. If there is a topic you wish me to cover, please leave me a comment down below.


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Worldbuilding #1 – Earth (old)
A look at the our own world and what we can learn in making a map of our fictional world.

Worldbuilding #2 – Tools (old)
These are the tools you will need in order to create your fictional world. Don’t worry, they’re all free.

Worldbuilding #3 – Continents (old)
We use a special tool to get a shape of our continents based on a cloud rendering and a basic introduction to

Worldbuilding #4 – Ocean, Continents, Lakes, and Islands (old)
Here we begin editing our world to properly define and expand our features, and add a touch of colour to it.

Worldbuilding #5 – Ocean Depth and Land Texture
We make our oceans appear to have depth and our lands to have elevation with a cloud rendering technique. Now our world is starting to come to shape.

Worldbuilding #5a – Stars
Using the technique from our last tutorial, we can create a star similar to our sun. We also make use of a 3D tool to turn our flat image into a sphere. You can do the same with your world map, but that will be a different tutorial.

Worldbuilding #6 – Beaches and Shallow Water
Now we begin adding features to our world. We start with the edge of our continents and oceans with beaches and shallow water. This features the basic technique of adding both.

Worldbuilding #6a – Advanced Beaches
Using a new technique, we can give beaches a more organic look rather than a static look.

Worldbuilding #6b – Advanced Shallow Water
Using the techniques in Advanced Beaches, we now apply that to Shallow water to give it a more natural look.

Worldbuilding #7 – Deserts
Now starting work on shaping our land, we learn what is a desert and how placing one will affect the decisions on how we design the rest of our map.

Worldbuilding #8 – Mountains
One of the most important tutorials for worldbuilding is finally here. This will go over the basic technique for making mountains on your map.

Worldbuilding #8a – Advanced Mountains
Taking our mountains, we now add texture to our mountains like we did with the ocean and the land itself. I show two techniques. One that is simple, and the second that requires a bit of work.

Worldbuilding #9 – Basic Forests
Show you the technique of making forests, setting 3 different types: Light, Dark, and Black.

Worldbuilding #9a – Advanced Forests
Our forests look bad. More like bushes or grass land. Using a unique tool, we’ll make it look a little more like a forest.

Worldbuilding #10 – Basic Rivers
There is a lot of information and technique to go over to do Rivers right.

Worldbuilding #10a – River Sediment and Floodplains
The areas surrounding rivers have key ecological purposes for rivers and for humans.

Worldbuilding #10b – Advanced Rivers
A common misconception is that rivers are straight. We’ll look at alluvial rivers and discuss meandering and braided rivers and a technique to take your basic rivers design and turn it into a more organic look.

Worldbuilding #11 – Wetlands
In literature, swamps are dark places where evil hides, or is it bogs? In actuality, wetlands are important for the planet and serve a number of uses. This article has a lot of information, and will go into how to make swamps, marshes, and bogs.

Worldbuilding #12 – Municipals
A quick tutorial on placing random cities and villages and dispel myths about them. Optional tutorial.

Worldbuilding #13 – End World
Final tutorial for the map-making series. This takes you map and makes it a globe to a planet you see in space. Optional tutorial.

New Series Intro
My long awaited series that will take Worldbuilding to a new level. Helping you explore what goes into your world and what to think about when you picture how your world works. This launches off a whole new series of articles that go into even greater detail than before.

Worldbuilding #14 – Metals
A general look at Metals and what makes them so important for Worldbuilding.

Worldbuilding #14.1 – Copper
A great look at Copper and all the great things it is capable of.

Worldbuilding #14.2 – Silver
Silver is seen in a lot in fiction, surrounded in myth. Find the truth about what silver can really do.

Worldbuilding #14.3 – Mercury
Mercury is one of the lesser known metals, and may not be something for you to think about in your world, but does have its uses.

Worldbuilding #14.4 – Lead
This is a key metal for you to think about in your story. The more industrious a civilization becomes, the more use they have for Lead.

Worldbuilding #14.5 – Tin
Not as mighty as the other metals, but very important. Meet the metal that made Bronze possible and the other ways it is important for your world.

Worldbuilding #14.6 – Iron
This may be the one metal above all others that you should give strong consideration to. Iron helped shape our entire existence.

Worldbuilding #14.7 – Gold
What you think you know about Gold, is not nearly enough to know the importance of this metal and how early man was forever changed by this element, and even today, finding new ways to use it.

Worldbuilding #15 – Concrete
A building block of society that literally shapes our world.

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