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Indie writers have come a long way, but there is still a stigma that a self-published writer can never be as good as a traditional published writer. This book is a work by many self-published writers to prove that is simply not true. Each writer submitted a story with a beginning, middle, and end that was 540 words or less, just to prove how good we can be.


Published: 10/27/2014
Word Count: 13,230
Total Pages: 55
Avg. Reviews: 3.95 (Goodreads)
Total Reviews: 19

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By Jennifer Moreland
First off, it’s hard to review a collection like this. So many little slices of story to savor. I found it to be nicely varied in style and subject matter. The fact that these were very, very short stories meant they had to draw the reader in quickly, but sometimes it felt like we were escorted out again a bit fast. All in all, an enjoyable collection of reads. I liked some, loved others — exactly as a collection should be. I can’t think of one I just didn’t enjoy.

I really wish I’d been a part of this, and as an author, that’s the highest praise I can offer. Can’t wait to read the next collection.

By Leigh Stuart
The inspiration for this book was a self-published novel that only contained 540 words. I wish I could find it, but I certainly wouldn’t pay for it. Kudos and an extra star for the indie authors brave and talented enough to write a collection of short stories that are all at 540 words or less. I couldn’t do it. I won’t even try.

This books reads fast and fun, each story reflecting a different style and ranging from humorous, to romantic, or to action packed.

There were only a couple of stories that either didn’t grab me or that I didn’t ‘get.’ Most had a satisfying twist and several had laugh out loud moments or even a ‘wow!’ All the stories have been carefully edited for errors and grammar, further proof that self-publishing is not the end of quality writing.

Recommended reading for lovers of short stories and readers without enough time to devote to long-winded books.

Author’s Notes

The story I wrote was called ‘Gunfight’. Originally it was called, ‘Twin Suns Gunfight’, giving it more of a sci-fi feel, the gunfight was on a planet with two suns. That element was removed from the story to make it flow better and to help save room overall. Writing 540 word story is quite hard, but I learned a lot about how to improve my writing technique for even my longest novels.

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