Not My Duck

Frank went to the Dali Lama in search of enlightenment. The Dali Lama sent him on a journey,” Climb to the top of that mountain in the distance. At the peak, you will find a cabin, in that cabin you will find a bottle, and in that bottle you will find a duck. Get the duck out of the bottle without harming the duck OR the bottle, and you will find enlightenment. I will come to visit you in a week!”

Frank set off on his search. Indeed, he made it to the top of the mountain and found a cabin, with a bottle in it, with a duck inside. But how to get the duck out was puzzling to say the least.
A few days of frustration turned into a few more days of maddening torture and by the end of one week, Frank was losing his grip on reality.

The Dali Lama stopped by and noticed the duck was still in the bottle. “I will give you another week. Then I will come to check on you”, he informed the man.

But a week later poor Frank was almost completely insane. A seemingly impossible puzzle sitting and quacking at him and no answer remotely in sight. The duck was still in the bottle and he was about ready to shoot himself in the face.
The Dali Lama stopped by, saw Frank`s situation and gave him one more week.

When the Dali Lama returned the end of the third week, Frank was sitting outside whistling, smoking a cigar, and having champagne….he was peaceful and content as he could be.
The Dali Lama noticed the duck was sitting by his side STILL INSIDE the bottle, so he asked Frank what he had learned!
Frank looked him in the eye and replied,” You know what…not my duck, not my bottle, not my problem!”

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