The best that ever could be said about a Vampire is that they are a vicious killing machine with no remorse. You are their food, and when they are hungry, you are dead.

However, Vampires appear to be spreading a disease that is killing humans at an alarming rate. Why would a vicious machine kill off their food supply? What is their end game?

That question must be answered by the final remnant of the Templar Order, known as the Templar Hunters. They are tasked to help deal with the Vampire threat, but as the disease spreads, the more powerful the Vampires become. Now, Jacques de Volker leads his men to seek help from an unlikely ally, who may hold the secrets to defeating the Vampire Invasion. But will they help, or let mankind become extinct?


Published: 9/15/2015
Word Count: 23,820
Total Pages: 70
Avg. Reviews: 5
Total Reviews: 1

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This book is a Prologue…a perfect introduction for the main story…
By Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Christopher has a very unique style of writing. In fact, his concept of having a book as a Prologue is really unique. My sincere compliments to the writer.

This story, as a Prologue, makes a promising beginning to a wonderful story. It gives a glimpse of what is in store for the readers. It also succeeds in setting the mood of the story and introduces the protagonists as well as the antagonists.

The author has taken pains to ensure that the characters he has created are appropriate to the storyline. Jacques and the other Hunters project the valour and courage that Knights are known to possess. Harlan has all it takes to be a perfect vampire.

To sum up, using a separate book as a Prologue is a wonderful introduction of a story that has been narrated extremely well.

P.S- This Prologue definitely made me read Part I of the Daygar Legacy.

Author’s Notes

Originally this was supposed to be one chapter, which featured riding up to the keep. I felt that was a bit boring, so I spiced it up a notch and instead started off with a fighting sequence. Everyone loves a good battle.

When I decided to do Kickstarter, I thought about releasing this as a free chapter so people knew what they were getting. But as I wrote it, I realized this was going to be much larger than a single chapter, so I then decided to release it as its own book, to serve as a prologue.

When it comes to prologues, people tend to skip over them. So releasing it as its own book that is free to download seemed like a great idea. More than that, I could do, more or less, an exposition dump, where I can have the characters reveal more about themselves without slowing book #1 down. The reading of letters were meant to take place in the core book.


Jacques rode carefully through the night, ready at a moment’s notice for anything. While most people feared bandits or thieves after the sun went down, Jacques de Volker feared something else. Bandits would be more welcoming than the other things hidden within the shadows.

It didn’t alleviate his fears that he was traveling in a place that was foreign to him. Most places one would travel in this world would find a dirt path, green grass, and even tall trees, but when they weren’t the ones you knew, you were more alert and paranoid. Almost like every tree or bush had a danger hiding behind it.

The only thing still familiar to him were the stars themselves. He gazed up at them and focused on their radiant light. Their twinkle gave him great comfort. Closing his eyes, he could still see each star, but only through the eyes of a boy. A boy who lived on a farm. A boy with his siblings, Sophie and Bertram, sitting by a fire. They would talk, laugh at stupid jokes, and occasionally spar with each other. They would fall asleep, feeling safe because they were close to one another. No evil could touch them.

In his entire life, he had never traveled so far for so long. Normally he would scout a general area, deal with any situations that arose, and then go home for a few days of rest. This was very different from that, as he was on a mission of great importance, a mission that required him to travel for over a month from one end of Europe to the other, past the Holy Roman Empire.

Still, he longed for a time to feel safe again, to be in the comforts of his home with much-needed rest.

He snapped out of the moment, opening his eyes. As blissful as the stars were, they were a distraction. He turned his attention back to the land before him, the lonely path in the dead of night. In the distance, an incline lead to a forest. He let out a small sigh. Forests were an excellent place for evil to hide, for people to disappear. Whether day or night, wandering a forest invited trouble.

As scary as the forest could be, Jacques continued to move towards them.

Had Jacques passed a bystander now, they might think he was a lone traveler. They would be wrong. They wouldn’t know that he was actually part of a group of men. They preferred to maintain their distance from one another, in an effort to draw less attention to themselves. During the day the distance was great; at night, things were different.

Jacques’s horse started to climb the hill, causing Jacques to tilt back. As they drew closer to the forest, he noticed a man on a horse. The man was wearing red clothing over a bulge that Jacques knew was leather armor. This man’s back was towards Jacques, but Jacques didn’t need to see his face to know who he was.

David de Tortosa.

David was their point man in the group, whose responsibility was to ride ahead and be on the lookout for danger. It was uncommon for David to make himself visible to Jacques while they traveled. Often, Jacques would need to ride ahead in search of David to give him any orders, unless they had reached a previously designated rendezvous point, which they hadn’t.


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