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Welcome to the Daygar Legacy Portal. This is the place to get all the information for the thrilling series. As more books are published, this section will expand. I put a lot of time into the creation of this series, with lots of worldbuilding and character development.


As of this time, I am not working on this series. I do have #1.2 written, which is the book of events that happened after chapter two of the first book. This involves the night spent in Avignon, which includes the initiation of Geoffroi into their ranks, and a feast amongst the members. Back then, there was a lot of ceramony behind even just eating at a table.

I hope to get that release this year, along with what happened in Melle. When both books are released, they will be $0.99 each. When I can raise the money, I will start work on book #2, which takes place in Darlet. It will be a short book, but very important to the whole series.

Series Synopsis

In the last few years, vampires have been growing in numbers. At first it was a nuicence, but then it became much more the Pope to handle and keep underwraps. There was also a talk of a disease coming from the East, something that was killing mercilessly. Soon that rumor became a reality and people started to die. At first they were isolated events, but the Pope could see the writing on the wall, and it was written in the blood of the innocents.

The Pope called out to the former Templar families. Families that trained their children to hunt vampires. The Templar Order had been abandoned 40 years ago, but he was certain that their legacy lived on. And what better place to start than the legacy of Jacques de Molay, the extended family of the last Grandmaster of the Templar Order.

Upon hearing the charge, Jacques and Bertram traveled to Avignon, the seat of the Pope and the Catholic Church. There they took a small contingency of troops and fought the vampires. Jacques and Bertram trained all their lives to hunt vampires, but these troops could only do so much. Eventually, the Pope agreed and let Jacques activate other families to join his band of warriors to deal with the vampire threat.

But the disease is spreading like wildfire and each day a new village is infected, and hundreds of people die each day. Where the disease shows up, the vampires are there. Are they somehow linked? Are the vampires spreading this disease?

Jacques and Bertram believe they are, and it is somehow making them stronger. Vampires were always tough to kill, but now it is taking more effort to even do a patrol each night. But there remains a little bit of hope; a resource once used by Charlemagne himself, a vampire hunter and king, to take the fight to the vampires and win back the known world… but it requires trusting an unlikely ally, rogue vampires.


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Journey to Darlet

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Templar Five

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Author’s Notes

I often state that I am a Science Fiction author. It is my first love, it is what I think a lot about. I tend not to be a fan of fantasy. Yet, this story stayed with me and it just had to be told. This is the first fantasy and paranormal story I ever tried to publish, and I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Funny enough, the original story I developed in 2009, was far different than what it is today. It dealt with the concept of immortality, and how never dying is what corrupts a soul. The only thing similar from the original story and this one is the first book, Journey to Darlet, but only the first scene in the keep.

The original story became convoluted and I felt it was unworkable. So I focused on that scene in the keep and decided the first story should be what was going on at that time, and it soon evolved into something all together different.

I intended to write this book in the month of Apr/May of 2014, and perhaps show it around to some people at Phoenix Comicon. Once I began writing it, I realized I knew nothing about the Middle Ages, bubonic plague, or France. So instead of writing, I would do research for a month… which then turned into several months.

I finally wrote the story for NaNoWriMo 2014. However, due to a failed kickstarter in the previous October, I didn’t touch the story after that until May, after a semi-successful Pubslush.

I’m glad I took the extra time to study and focus more on Worldbuilding, as I discovered a whole new universe that could make sense with history itself. I took a fantasy novel and made it into a Paranormal Historical Fantasy series.

Special Thanks

To Coffee and Characters, who helped edit my book for both language and content and ended up making my story so much better than it was. It’s the little details that are important, and a good editor can catch that.


To David and Liz Lillie, creators of Dreamskeeper comic, and also the creator of my cover. They do amazing work, though my cover was their first time doing actual humans, and they hold a very special place in my heart is taking something in my mind and allowing others to see it.


To Mercedes Carrera. Most famous in the Adult Entertainment industry, but is one of the smartest and strongest women I have ever met. She takes whatever fame or popularity she has earned and redirects it into help others in need. She helped me in providing a special prize for my crowdfunding. In her honour, I based the character Mercedes in the first book, of her. This character will definitely be seen in Book #2.


And to all of those who donated to my crowdfunding. So far they have wished to remain anonymous, but if would like me to reveal your name, let me know and I will put it down. Without your efforts

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