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Quite often I will read a book that I enjoyed or believe others might like. This is a list of those books in hopes that others will find them and enjoy them. Some are educational books about the writing career, others being books I enjoy or fellow authors that I want help promote. These are not listed in any particular order, nor am I bound to post these books other than I want to. Some books I have personally reviewed, and while I wish I could review all books I read, please understand that no review is not an indication of me not liking the book.

Stephen King – On Writing
Joanna Penn – How to Market a Book review 96%
Victoria Lynn Schmidt – 45 Master Characters
Dr. Linda Edelstein – Character Traits
Ben Bova and Anthony Lewis – Space Travel
Digest Writers Digest – Fantasy Reference
Jon Steward – America (The Book): Teachers Edition (This has a lot of red marks where the writer got his information wrong)

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