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Guest Post – Ten Graphic Novels for Novelists – Gerimi Burleigh

photo_250x250Today our friend Gerimi Burleigh joins us to share with us Graphic novels for Novelists. This is in reference to his interview I conducted, to where he made a passing remark about what would make good Graphic Novels for people like me who enjoy a good novel.

Check out his interview and be sure to take a look at his recommendations.


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Interview – Gerimi Burleigh

photo_250x250Today we meet Gerimi Burleigh, who is both a self-publish artist and writer. You though writing a story was tough, imagine how much more of a challenge it is to do both.

Gerimi was a delight to chat with, and we ended up having such a long conversation that I had to break it up into 3 videos. I do apologize for the delay of this, but there were initial technical difficulties that I had to counteract post production.

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IWSG — July Optimisim

IWSG badgeSo, quite a bit to talk about in this one. I try to reserve IWSG for the woes in life but too many good things have happened as of late for me to do that. Going forward, I hope the good times continue.

Of course saying that, I’m inviting impending doom. But talking about the impending doom will bring me good fortune. It all works out in the end.


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Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Gerimi Burleigh

headshot_gerimiburleighInitially when I went to Comicon, I was going only to meet the novelists. After my first day there, I met the majority of them. I then realized, that if I only did that, the rest of my time there would be quite boring. So I decided to go see everyone. To my surprise, those who I thought were artists, were also authors themselves. There’s a lesson to be learned here, cast a wide net.

In doing so, one of the people I met was Gerimi Burleigh. Not only is he a great artist, but also a fantastic writer.

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