Digital Notes Organizer Now Available

I am pleased to announce that my course has been released. My course is Digital Notes Organizer – Making Your Personal Encyclopedia.

My course is really two courses in one. The first part will teach you how to put a wiki on your computer, that only you have access to, that is 100% private and secure, and can be integrated with Dropbox for backup purposes and being able to share it with others if that is what you desire.

The second part of the course teaches you how to use wiki software, great for your installation and for being able to edit any online wiki (ie, Wikipedia, Wikia).

My course is $49.99, but as a special offer to all of those who’ve show support for this site, I want to do something special for you. When you check out, enter the following codes:

  • IWSG80 – Get Course for $9.99 (10 Available)
  • IWSG50 – Get Course for $24.99 (20 Available)
  • IWSG25 – Get Course for $36.99 (50 Available)

I know that my course looks expensive, but as I said, it is two courses in one, and is relatively cheap compared to others. Most importantly with courses from Udemy, is that once you buy it, it’s yours forever.

If you do get the course, please leave a review, as that helps me do courses better in the future, but also helps my course get attention so I can potentially get more customers.

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