#IWSG – Deadlines

I hate deadlines. I often fail them. Yet, I still set myself to a deadline to complete projects. Why do I do this if I hate them so much? It’s certainly possible I’m a sadomasochist, but in truth, there is a really good reason why.

I had really hope that this post would be the one announcing that my course is now live on Udemy.com. This past month, I set myself a deadline to record video, edit the video, and upload it within two weeks. The course is <3 hours long, and I took into consideration my disability and how that might hamper me. 14 days seemed quite doable.

I failed… but I’m not the least bit discouraged.

For me, there is no shame in failure. For many writers, there is shame. If you can’t complete something by a certain time, they feel that they never can get their WIP done and they shouldn’t ever be a writer. I understand, I used to do that myself. I then embraced a concept known as Margin of Success/Failure.

The reason I use deadlines despite knowing I will most likely fail, is that it puts a fire in me that pushes me along, to make work hard. When I fail, I focus on the fact that it is not a completely failure, that I got work done. My Margin of Failure varies, but often means that I succeeded at something.

For doing my course, the only thing I got done was shooting my videos. While less than 3 hours for the final product, I shot around 60 videos. A lot of it was retakes. Some required me having 6 sources of light shined on me, which with my disability, required a lot of breaks. So I didn’t get my videos edited or uploaded, but at the very least, I got them recorded. For that, I’m very proud.

For me, deadlines is a way to push myself to do what is needed, that otherwise would take longer to accomplish. It’s weird, I know, as I essentially am setting myself up to fail. When you don’t fear failure, then you don’t hold yourself back when you do fail, and don’t side on the sidelines for the fear you will fail.

My new deadline is that by the time I do my next IWSG, I will be posting that it is on Udemy. It is my hope that a career in teaching can resolve my financial issues and be able to care for myself.

For my loyal fans, I will briefly tell you what my course it. It’s called: Digital Notes Organizer – Making Your Own Encyclopedia. It’s a new and revolutionary way to take all your written notes and digital notes (pdf, internet bookmarks, websites) and condense them into one offline resource that will enable you to link it all together and make it searchable.

In my next post I’ll go into more detail. It is my hope that I can influence how writing is done through my courses and writing help books. I know it’s a tall order to fill, but I’m confident that my ideas can really make a difference for the new age.

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