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I first want to mention the project I had been working on for a client that you can now get on Amazon. The book is called “The Twelve C’s of an Exceptional Leader“. You can get both a Kindle and Createspace version. This book goes into a lot about how to become a leader, or how to improve yourself. The author has given me permission to take some credit for this work as a Content Editor. I firmly believe in this book and encourage everyone to buy it who wishes to become a leader, and I say that as someone who gets no commission for any sales.

Now, onto my post…

I’m still working to get my life in order. It’s a slow process. A tarot reader and the Renaissance Faire told me that if we want things in our life to change now, then the only ones holding ourselves back is ourselves. I argued however that just because you want change to happen now doesn’t mean it’s not a process of time, and it will take as long as it needs to.

NOTE: I’m not a believer in the mysticism of Tarot, but believer in the psychology of Tarot.

One step I am doing to improve my life is building a new set of friends. Not easy when you are trapped at home, but like I said, it’s a slow process. One of these friends is a toy maker, or more specifically, an Adult Toy Maker. She makes things herself to sell at various conventions. During a conversation, she was getting down on herself because she was not doing things as fast as she needed. She set goals for herself, and didn’t meet those goals each day, making her depressed.

As a writer, I have dealt with that very thing, and so I borrowed something I use for myself as a writer that I initially developed for NaNoWriMo and gave it to her. When I write, I set three goals each day: Minimum, Necessary, and Ideal.

Minimum is what I must do as an absolute minimum. Those who’ve done NaNo know that each day you must reach 1667 to hit the 50,000 words by the end of the month. As long as I have done that, I can feel satisfied I accomplished something.

The Necessary goal is the one that I know I can do within a day. With my disability, writing is actually rather hard on me, but my method of writing allows me to do a thousand words in an hour, but then I need a break, usually for an hour. I joke that in an eight hour period, I do about three hours worth of work. My Necessary goal is 3000 words. This is something I can definitely do everyday.

Then there is my ideal goal, something I want to get to, and if I can, fantastic, but it is not something I will beat myself up over if I don’t get it. For me, that is 5000 words. That is a challenge for me, but not unheard of for me to do. I’ve done 9000 words in one day, but that overwhelmed me and I needed a long break.

So in giving my friend this suggestion, within a few days she was telling me how happier she felt, because she was able to meet some goals even if she didn’t reach her ideal goal, and in turn, made her more productive.

As writers, our job is to transcribe life itself in creative ways. While it doesn’t make us experts when it comes to life, it does give us insights. Even how we write is a method of life itself, and can be of great help to so many others. To be a great writer, you must embrace that writing is life itself, and to not write is torture to you. You are the storyteller and are always telling the story, and always understanding the story like no one else can.

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