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Welcome to AtoZ Challenge. This year, my theme is from my upcoming book, Character Astrology Profiles, where I use Greek and Chinese Zodiac to map out 144 unique fictional profiles to help you create more complex characters.

Greek Zodiac
(Jun 21 – Jul 22nd)

Chinese Zodiac
(1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

(Introverted • Sensing • Feeling • Judging)

Vampire Bat Personality

These personalities like to be the protector and boss, especially from a younger age. They will fight for their friends, and be the leader that everyone needs, and all they really want is to be loved and respected. Unfortunately, their emotions can get in their way. They seem fearless, but in truth they’re not. They’ll fight for their friends, and overreact over the littlest things. More than that, their emotions swing wildly, from happy one moment, to depressed the next, to even mean-spirited. They mean well, but they need to learn to control their impulses and ego if they want the respect they desire.

Have you seen a fictional character like this, or perhaps know someone in real life that fits this description? Please post it below.

Famous Vampire Bats

George Eastman (Founder of Eastman Kodak) 7/12/1854
Mel Brooks (Director) 6/28/1926
Janet Reno (Attorney General) 7/21/1938
Lindsay Lohan (Actress) 7/2/1986
Jaden Smith (Actor) 7/8/1998

Celebrities mentioned are not a reflection of the fictional personality mentioned above.

Character Astrology Profiles

Are you enjoying these posts?

This is a preview of my upcoming book, which will go into greater detail about each personality for Greek and Chinese Zodiac, totaling 144 personalities you can use to help develop or expand your character to become more complex.

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Expected release: June 23th, 2017


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