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Welcome to AtoZ Challenge. This year, my theme is from my upcoming book, Character Astrology Profiles, where I use Greek and Chinese Zodiac to map out 144 unique fictional profiles to help you create more complex characters.

Greek Zodiac
(Aug 22nd – Sep 22nd)

Chinese Zodiac
(1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

(Extroverted • iNtuitive • Thinking • Perceptive)

Penguin Personality

We all love when we finish a project or solve a problem. This personality loves that feeling, but none of it means anything if there is no one to share it with. While they may work alone; when the work is done, they need people around them. Lacking that, they may well feel as if the project is not complete. Their self-esteem depends on it, and their solving problems is a way to get attention for themselves, and if depression sets in, it can take away their problem-solving creativity.

Have you seen a fictional character like this, or perhaps know someone in real life that fits this description? Please post it below.

Famous Penguins

Grandma Moses (Artist) 9/7/1860
Barry White (Musician) 9/12/1944
Salma Hayek (Actress) 9/2/1968
Chris Pine (Actor) 8/26/1980
Ben Savage (Actor) 9/13/1980

Celebrities mentioned are not a reflection of the fictional personality mentioned above.

Character Astrology Profiles

Are you enjoying these posts?

This is a preview of my upcoming book, which will go into greater detail about each personality for Greek and Chinese Zodiac, totaling 144 personalities you can use to help develop or expand your character to become more complex.

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Expected release: June 23th, 2017



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