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It is cause for celebration for me. I have released my second book, Terran Psychosis. This was actually a story I wrote before my work related injury and had intentions of publishing nearly 2 years ago and of course the accident got in the way.

I know I speak of my injuries a lot. And there is good reason I do as it makes doing anything so much harder for me to do. Had I not to deal with this on a day to day basis, I know that I not only could give a better quality of myself, I also would be able to do it with much more ease. I think my life should be an inspiration to others, in that if I can do it, it is that easy for anyone to do it. That is why I make this such a big deal, because out of everything I have lost in trying to handle the reality of my condition; writing is the one thing that keeps me going forward and leaves me with hope that I can get better.

For those that have read my story, I initially wrote it to that part and stop there. You know the part I mean (don’t spoil it for others, and if you haven’t read it yet, you’ll know what I’m talking about) but I was encouraged to add more and I am proud of what the story has become.

I realize that I may not become an overnight success and I more than accept that. I look at my writing career like I do any other business and have a 5 year plan. My first year will likely be a lot of hard work in putting myself out there and making a name for myself. Perhaps in year 2 or 3, I can get myself a literary agent and get some titles in some book stores.

Even though I thanked people in my dedication, I feel that those who visit my blog and read my tweets I owe a lot to. Every day I come to look at the numbers, and I am blown away and become encouraged to keep doing what I’m doing. I hope to do more for everyone as I push myself to become a professional writer…though by the truest extent, selling one book does make me a professional.

I do want to apologize if I sound arrogant or egotistical. I am very proud of myself that I was able to do this. It is a big deal for me, bigger than just releasing a book. I did so with a disability that causes me to become mentally exhausted due to having dreams in the middle of the night, much less being able to see friends. My writing and publishing my works are my way of putting myself out there.

I do plan to open a business on the side soon for doing e-book formatting. I did all the handcoding of my two e-books, and I am happy how they came out. I didn’t get time to format for dropcap characters, but decided that dropcaps are best for novels and not short stories.

My next step from here is to take a small vacation (probably a day or two) and then get working on my next story.

P.S. Any aspiring writers out there wishing to do self publishing have any questions about the process, feel free to drop me a line


  1. Susan Scott says:

    Hi Christopher, am re-writing a comment, there was an error and could not be posted.
    Firstly, congratulations on publication of yr 2nd book!
    Your injuries sound severe, I am sorry this happened. Your attitude towards it all no doubt helped you through so congratulations to yr attitude!
    Do you write yr dreams down and use them – for inspiration or whatever?
    Glad to see you on the A-Z 2014 blog challenge! Will follow you.

    • mad_cat says:

      Thank you for your reply, it means a lot.

      Having something to focus on rather than dealing with the reaity of what happened to me helps a lot. Not just the injury itself, but the aftermath. I spend a lot of time alone unfortunately. What I get out of writing keeps me in good spirits.

      I do write down my dreams, but I do something a little different with them. I know I want to be a write/author. But rather than write it down, I transformed it into a marketing plan. Not only is it what I want to do, but how I intend to do it. These days I write down everything, so I keep a folder in dropbox of all my ideas and plans so they are there waiting for me when I am ready for them and I don’t have to scramble to try to remember them, as memory is one of my issues. Then if I get a random idea about something, I can add to the files. It’s like keeping a notepad with you, except mine is a virtual cloud.

      • Susan Scott says:

        Hello Christopher! Your plan re dreams sounds good. Dropbox is supposed to be great. I must ask someone to help me with it.
        I think most writers are loners. It’s almost an essential ingredient perhaps?

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