A Writers VG Review: Batman Arkham Asylum/City

Thanks to humblebundle.com, I recently got to play Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.  I thoroughly enjoyed the games.  I just got done playing SWTOR for over 1 1/2 years and I really needed to get back to my roots.

I will admit now that I am not a DC fan.  Most of the characters I don’t really like.  I am more of a Marvel fan.  I’m sure there are some fanboys out there that will not like me for saying that, but Marvel Universe makes more sense to me.  Of the DC Universe, I sort of like Green Lantern, but I did have a love for Batman.  I will go over my discussion of Batman in a separate article. [wdca_ad id=”224″ ]

The one thing that attracts me to a game is Narrative.  And both these games had it.  I think the Narrative was top of the line and I played both games back to back.  However, it was obviously a port from console to PC, and much of it showed.  It was a challenge, but it wasn’t too hard.  And the game didn’t cheat and make something so overpowered, or didn’t disappoint that the last boss was very challenging despite me maxing out on everything.  These are some very common pitfalls to the game.

I do wish I got more play time as Catwoman.  The game felt more like a teaser for her and Robin.  I also wish the same for Robin, though I would have preferred to do Nightwing.

The other element I liked is that even when you were done with the game, you could go back and explore, and solve the riddlers puzzle.  It was a lot of fun.  For AA, I give it a B+, and for AC I give it an A-.  I would recommend both games and recommend playing in order.  I hope that one day soon I can play Arkham Origins.  I felt like the game was a cross between Metal Gear Solid, Super Metroid, and Path of Neo.

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