Level I – Content Editing

In the Level I package, we offer primarily content editing. One of our editors looks over your book and provides notes about story structure, characterization, and immersion. More than that, the editor will also give some notes on spelling and wording of sentences. This level of editing is very basic.

The overall goal is to point out the areas of opportunity in your work, while also commenting on the good aspects of your story.

What is Content Editing?

Put simply, Content Editing is editing the content of your story. Unlike a Line Editor, who corrects grammar and language, a Content Editor will look at the actual story itself. They will read and pick out elements where the story needs work. This includes:

  • Point of View Inconsistencies
  • Worldbuilding
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Flow and Pacing of story
  • Inconsistent Details
  • Story Immersion
  • Paragraph Structure
  • Realism
  • Overall Readability
  • Cliche wording or plot points

The main goal of the Content Editor is to really dig into your story and try to anticipate readers’ reactions and make suggestions on issues that could cause someone to give you a lower rating or stop reading your book. A Content Editor will know your book almost as well as the writer themselves.

How is this different from a Beta Reader?

Although it is great to have a Beta Reader, finding a good one is difficult. Most Beta Readers will likely be friends or family, and they will want to encourage you that you are doing a good job. In light of that, they may hold back in telling you what they dislike about the book.

Many who become Beta Readers do so because they themselves are avid readers. Since they read so much, they believe they know what works and what doesn’t. Many do, some don’t. Just because one reads a lot, doesn’t make them an expert on Literary Theory. Quite honestly, them telling you that your story is perfect may be due to them lacking the ability to properly critique.

A Content Editor is not your friend. They are paid to do a job, and that job is to find elements of your story that you need to focus on in order to make your story fantastic. You might not think you need this, as so many people in your life are telling you how good you are, but future readers won’t be your friends, and won’t hold back in how harsh they are when they review your story.

I’m not saying don’t use Beta Readers, or don’t have your friends and family read your book. You should still do that. Perhaps they can point something out that helps you. Join a critique group or online writer’s club and have someone review your work. After you have done everything you possibly can for your story, hire a Content Editor to look it over. They will likely find things many others have missed.

Do I have to follow your advice on how to improve my story?

Nope. Not at all. If you feel that a suggestion we made in your story is a bad suggestion, you don’t have to change it. After all, it is your story. But we want you to consider something…

When Chris took his book, Daygar Legacy, to a Content/Line Editor, she pointed out many things he disagreed with her on. In fact, he was initially very defensive.

“Obviously she doesn’t understand. It’s clear as day, you’ve just got to read it.”

But then, Chris took a step back and realized something very important: If she is saying this, who else might say this? Would a future reader get confused by how he chose to write this?

Realizing that, Chris changed many aspect of his story to clear up inconsistencies that the editor found, even though he didn’t 100% agree. In the end, when he re-read the whole thing, he saw that it was better.

That said, there were times when Chris simply ignored the editor’s advice, because he felt strongly that the change was unnecessary. It was entirely his choice in what he did or did not follow.

Like most writers, D. Savannah has a tendency to overuse some words, such as lovely. An editor can help point those out, providing better and different ways of saying the same thing.

She also learned the hard way that, like many new writers, she tended to overuse passive voice. A good editor helped point that out, and now she avoids them like a cat avoids rocking chairs.

Even us editors still need editors to look over our work.

How much does this cost?

Here at M.E.S., our primary goal is to provide you with top-quality service for an affordable rate. For Level I editing, your cost begins at $1 per page. When we receive your book, we will look through the first few pages to gauge how much work your story will need. We will then email you a Service Agreement for how much it will cost for us to edit your manuscript. That cost should be somewhere between $1 – $2 per page.

100 pages for $1 per Page: $100
200 pages for $2 per Page: $400

As you can see, the average cost will be somewhere between $100 – $400. It can go higher than that, but we’d likely recommend that you revise your story before we look it over. This way, we won’t have to charge you so much money. Also, if you do the work, it will help you grow stronger as a writer.

If you have less than 25 pages, the base price starts at $25. Then we will gauge how much work is needed for your book and apply that to your final price, like we do for any page count above 25.

Can I have you look at my story again after I make the changes you suggested?

Definitely. We’ll be happy to do so. In fact, we will do so at a discounted rate. Any revision that you need us to do after the first time we edit your story, we will look at your story again. From there, we’ll quote you a price in the same fashion as before, but knock off 25% from your total price.

Note: You won’t be able to give us your story 3 additional times, and get 75% off your bill. It is always 25% off for your revisions.

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