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One of the common reasons people become writers is seeing their book in a bookstore. But as a self-published writer, it is difficult to do this. Perhaps with a softcover printing of your book, you can convince a local book store to sell it. Or sell your softcover book on your website to those bibliophiles out there who would rather read something they can hold, rather than a digital copy.

D. Savannah is one of those people.

We can format your book, so you can print if off.

What do you need from the writer?

To design your story for Createspace, we need you to format a Word document that shows how you would prefer it to appear in a physical book. After receiving your document for us to format, we will calculate our fee, and send you a Service Agreement. This Service Agreement will have some information for you to fill out, which includes a blurb of your book (which you are welcome to hire us to do), size you want your book to be, and other specific information about your final product.

Once we receive your signed Service Agreement, we will then format your Word document. Depending on the number of pages and the size you want your final book to be, what is produced with Createspace will be sightly altered.

More than that, there are some best practices that we will implement, so your book will look amazing. Such as having your book in block format, rather than aligned left. Or using a tab, but no space between paragraphs. If you prefer not using the tab, then we can add the space between each paragraph, though we’d recommend tabs for printed books.

How much does it cost?

After Editing and a getting a Cover for your book, we know the last thing you want to do is spend more money. For this reason, we offer this service for as low as we can. Once you have finalized your book (whether it was edited by us or a third party), we will charge $0.50 per page of your book for formatting. If your book is 100 pages, then it’ll cost you $50. This will be reflected in your Service Agreement.

There is an additional fee for images. If you have images used throughout your book, we have to do additional steps to make sure the book flows correctly. Dealing with images on Createspace is easier than it is with eBooks, which is why the pricing is a bit different.

Small images will cost $0.15 each.
Medium images will cost $0.25 each.
Large images will cost $0.50 each.

You can also make use of Flourishes for your book, which starts at $0.15 each.

Couldn’t I just create my own doc for Createspace?

Yes, you can. Just like Smashwords, it is not difficult to do, but it is tedious. There are a lot of things you have to do to get the format right. The final book size and the total number of words for your story will influence many of the settings. There are also a few design choices that one must consider for what a reader will expect a book to be.

If you wish to save money on this, feel free to try it yourself. However, it is time consuming and if you feel your time is better spent with another aspect of your writing career, I would urge you to consider hiring us to do this for you.

If I make changes to my story (or find errors) after you format my book, can you still update it?

Yes. That’s not too difficult to do. However, there is something we need you to understand about this. In your Service Agreement, it will mention that when you upload your book with Createspace, we are not responsible for the cost of any books you have ordered that has any errors. When you upload to Createspace, you are agreeing that you are satisfied with the document we’ve given you.

As a writer, you have the final responsibility to verify that everything is exactly what you want it to be before distribution. eBooks are different; files on eReaders typically update automatically when any changes are made. Physical books cannot.

Here at M.E.S., we check, double check, and double check our double check, to confirm that your story is what you want it to be. However, we STRONGLY urge that you double check your work for a final verification that you are satisfied with it. If you do find a mistake that we made, we will change it within 30 days of giving you your formatted manuscript.

If you feel this is an unfair condition, then we recommend not using us for Createspace, as this is a condition in your Service Agreement when you sign with us.

If, for instance, after you release your book, you find that you need to add something (or take away something), we would be able to take the file and edit the parts you need us to. However, we will only edit 1% of the book within the first 45 days after giving you the file. If your book is 200 pages, then we will only change up to two pages worth before charging you.

Why 1%? This 45-day offer is only meant for touch-ups. When we say two pages worth, we’re actually counting total words. For us, we measure a page as 300 words. So two pages worth, is 600 words. If we are only doing minor corrections here and there, then you will most likely not reach 600 words. Anything more than that, we are basically doing a rewrite of your eBook.

Whether we are removing words, or adding words, it counts towards this total.

If you discover a mistake we made, you have up to 30 days to let us know, and we can correct it free of charge. We recommend that you thoroughly look through the file when you first get it to verify it is exactly what you want.

Additionally, if Createspace tells you that your upload has an error on it, we will fix that for you. You should know within the first week, but sometimes they can get backed up. We need a screenshot of your book with the error they have listed, along with any additional information they provide. We will look into it and determine if this was an error on our end or not.

I use the phrase ‘if this was an error on our end’, because it is possible that if you receive the file from us, open up the file and save it; Microsoft could add something to the file. While we encourage you to look through and make sure we got everything you need; we STRONGLY encourage that when you upload to Createspace, you upload the file we gave you, only. Download the file again from your email and then upload that to Createspace, as a precaution.

To avoid this problem, we will send you also a PDF of your book with the Word doc. With Createspace, you can upload a PDF file instead of a Word doc.

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