Whether for the back of your book or for your book’s store page, a good blurb/synopsis is hard to do. How do you sum up in only a few words that will encourage people to read your book without giving away too much?

The synopsis is the bane to all writers everywhere. Whether you wrote a novelette or an epic novel, doing a blurb takes a different skill set that you are not accustomed to. And who can blame you?

Which is why we offer to write a blurb for you.

How long will the blurb be?

We have two basic sizes. Short and Long.

Short, or a Short Blurb, will be no more than 400 characters. This is the maximum length for Smashwords Short Blurb, but can also be used for Amazon if you desire. Also good for posting it on forums and on other website. For example, you may do a guest blog post, and might want to say a few quick words about your book.

Note that we are saying 400 characters, which comes to an average of about 75 words. That’s enough for two small paragraphs about two or three sentences each, or one medium-size paragraph about five or six sentences.

Example: Daygar Legacy – Journey to Darlet (385 characters, 70 words)

Vampires are ruthless killing machines. When they’re hungry, you are dead. But now they’re spreading a disease that is killing humans by the thousands each day. Why would a predator kill their food supply? It is up to a group of Templar Knights to seek aid from an unlikely ally, one who may very well hold the secret to the Vampire Invasion. But will they help, or watch mankind fall?

Next is the Long Blurb. This is up to 900 characters. This is great for Smashwords longer blurb, but can be used anywhere else you desire, including the back cover of your book if you are doing a print run. Now you don’t have to have 900 character, you can do between 401 to 900.

With 900 characters, that is on average about 155 words. This allows for several short paragraphs, or a couple of longer paragraphs.

Example: Daygar Legacy – Templar Five (880 characters, 153 words)

In the 14th century, Vampires are spreading a deadly disease that is killing thousands each day, and all that stands between them and human annihilation, are five young knights who seek to stop them at all costs.

On a mission of diplomacy, they seek help from an unlikely ally, but their bluff was called and now must produce evidence they don’t have.

The Pope is very dissatisfied, holding the knights personally responsible for such failure. Yet, the Pope knows precisely what must be done, and he devises a plan that will involve doing the impossible.

Follow the last remnant of the Templar Order, as they must traverse Medieval France, a plague ridden world where each step you take is met with death, fear, and greed. Facing off against monsters that lurk in the shadows, and within the group itself, as they must find and capture a vampire… or watch all of humanity fall.

What if I already have a blurb, would you look at that for me?

Yes, we’d be happy to. However, depending on the length of your blurb, we would charge the same rates as if we wrote it ourselves, because editing a Blurb generally involves a complete rewrite.

How much will this cost?

Like other costs, we will require a down payment up front through PayPal. Once we are finished, we will require the remainder of the money you owe us.

Short Blurb: $25
Long Blurb: $35
Both: $50

What if I don’t like the blurb you wrote for me?

The point of the blurb is for us to properly represent your book. Thus, we will work with you to make sure it is done correctly. Remember that a blurb won’t have all the information that will make your book great. Some things will need to be left out for the size requirement.

What if I find a mistake or make changes to my book?

Within 30 days of us providing your finished, approved blurb, you are eligible for two free rewrites. After that 30 day period, if you require us to redo your blurb, it will cost you the normal price.

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