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Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Jamie Wyman

7234286Comicon brings out the most diverse group of people. It’s a culture like no other, with everyone having a different story to tell. It’s really good to talk to people, as you never know what hidden treasure awaits at the next booth.

For our next booth, we have Jamie Wyman. I do not remember a lot of details in our conversation, but I do recall getting some pictures and her having encouraging words.



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Wild Card & Will to Live — A-to-Z Blog Challenge, Literary Terms

WWe willfully wantingly wrangled while whailing, where wallfish wobbling when worrying working weapons without what were weakness won why was writing whimsically what waiting wok walk while whipping wang wipe.
-W for What the fuck!?

My play on V for Vendetta

Today is Wild Card and Will to Live, both which describe characters.


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