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Guest Post – Ten Graphic Novels for Novelists – Gerimi Burleigh

photo_250x250Today our friend Gerimi Burleigh joins us to share with us Graphic novels for Novelists. This is in reference to his interview I conducted, to where he made a passing remark about what would make good Graphic Novels for people like me who enjoy a good novel.

Check out his interview and be sure to take a look at his recommendations.


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Wild Card & Will to Live — A-to-Z Blog Challenge, Literary Terms

WWe willfully wantingly wrangled while whailing, where wallfish wobbling when worrying working weapons without what were weakness won why was writing whimsically what waiting wok walk while whipping wang wipe.
-W for What the fuck!?

My play on V for Vendetta

Today is Wild Card and Will to Live, both which describe characters.


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