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Jungian Psychology – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

JOne complaint I get during my A to Z Challenge is the length of my articles. I’ll admit they are quite long, and there are many blogs people want to visit and mine takes a bit of time to get through. I do apologize for that, but since last year, a number of my AtoZ article have been viewed throughout the year, so while I do this for AtoZ, I also do it for others visiting my site in the future.

Today we have Jungian Psychology.

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Illusion of Control – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

II’ve been getting good responses to my challenge this year, very much like last year. This makes me very glad that others enjoy this stuff as much as I do. Last year was a lot of fun to do and this year is proving to be quite the challenge. By that rate, next year will be a monster of epic proportions… unless I do something else.

Today we have Illusion of Control.


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Worldbuilding #10b – Advanced Rivers

WorldWelcome to another edition of my Worldbuilding series. I apologize for the length between articles, and it is my plan to start doing these on a regular basis.

You may believe by this point, we’ve said everything we can about rivers. Not quite yet. There is still more to discuss. Fortunately, this will be the last article about rivers, at least for now.

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Countdown to NaNo — Introduction

Participant-2014-Twitter-ProfileNovember 1st is soon upon us, and it is time for NaNoWriMo. Already been a year… what a year it has been. I published one book, which has great reviews. I have met a great number of people who have given me fantastic support. I rubbed elbow with authors, and I now have a voice within the community. A small one, but it is there.

It was last years NaNo that convinced me to become an author once more. I didn’t just complete it, I annihilated it. 50,000 words in 14 days. Will I do it again? I don’t know. I know I’ll get 50,000 words. Maybe in 40 days, maybe in 10 days.

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Kickstarter Update — New Stretch Goal: $4000

daygar legacy coming soonI have a brand new stretch goal. For those who don’t know, when it comes to Kickstarter, a Stretch Goal is when you reach a certain amount of money, the person doing the Kickstarter offers something. Sometimes it is a feature in their product or they offer something that can be purchased.

I have designated already what my Stretch Goals will be, starting with when I get my $3000 goal to by some miracle getting $25,000. Some of my goals is a gift to the those who donate to get extra features, and other stretch goals is how that amount of funding will help me. Today, I report on what special thing my supporters get when I reach the $4000 goal.

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Interview – David Lee Summers

DLS-Author-Photo-pngI had the privilege to interview David Lee Summers. I met him at Phoenix Comicon and asked for his help in promoting my Kickstarter and since then have emailed each other several times. He is one of many writers I respect and look up to, hoping to one day match his level of success.

David has broke the mold of traditional writers by writing outside his genre and being quite successful at it. He is known for his Vampire tales and is currently doing a Steampunk western-era story. Join me in welcoming David and hearing the great advice he has to offer.

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Book Review: How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn — Repost

Originally posted: Jan 20th, 2014


Find it on:

From what I can tell, I’m not the first to do a review on this book and so many have given great reviews. I’m not exactly breaking ground here in this review, but I do talk to a lot of starting writers who need a boost forward and this book is unknown to them. I hope that those writers visit my blog, so this review is for those who need a good starting point. And this book is that starting point. I do this review for anyone who hasn’t read this book because I think it deserves all attention it can get. Read more

Worldbuilding #9a – Advanced Forests

WB IconI want to apologize again. I wanted to get more articles done for my Worldbuilding series, and it is now the end of the month. I started a kickstarter (now pubslush) campaign to try to get the funds together to write my new series. This took more time and energy than I anticipated. However, if you get a chance, take a look at the campaign, there are maps available that you can purchase, designed by me. A variety of sizes. Any maps I don’t sell at the end of my KS, will be available to purchase on my site. KS maps are at a discount, so if you want to buy maps from me, I would do it through KS.

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Madness Blog-con 14 – Your chance to go to Comicon

So a few of my followers had told me they were interested in my experience of Phoenix Comicon because they are unable to go to Comicon. Generally because they live somewhere that doesn’t have one or have the money to attend one.

So, with that, I decided that I will hold a Blog-con. What is a Blog-con? Well, I just made it up. What I am doing is giving viewers on my blog a glimpse of what Comicon is like. I met a lot of people at comicon, some that I had a good conversation with, others that I had a brief hello and goodbye, and went to a couple of panels where I got to ask some good questions. More than that, got some photos of some interesting costumes.

The Blog-con will start on June 16th and run likely to July 30th. I invite anyone who had any sort of experience they had at a Con to submit an article and share. While I am writing about Phoenix Comicon, I will accept entries for any cons attended this year.

If this becomes popular, I would like to do this any time I attend a Con. Let me know if you have any questions or requests, and I will try to respond to them as best as I can.

My #PhoenixComicon Schedule

I am posting my schedule for Comicon this year. I’m sure on the surface, this is not exactly news worthy information. The reason I am posting it is to give my readers an insight on possible future articles. I plan to post a review of discussions I go to, people I meet, and any of interest I found. This will likely take me June/July/August to get all the information out. It will be a Writer’s Guide to Phoenix Comicon.

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