Worldbuilding #3 – Continents

Welcome to the third edition of the Worldbuilding series. Also, Happy Earth Day. Funny how things fall into place. So far with this series we've talked about our planet and tools we'll use. Unfortunately, we have one more tool to discuss today, however, there is the nice added benefit of … Continue reading

Worldbuilding #2 – Tools

Welcome to the second edition of the Worldbuilding series. Unfortunately, this will be an informational article like the last one, but I promise you, the next article we will get our hands dirty. We'll be discussing tools today, that will allow us to do everything we need to make our world. … Continue reading

Worldbuilding #5a – Sun

Most of what I do for my worldbuilding series is for fantasy writers. Most of my Science Fiction writers tend to use a copy of Earth and don't really need a map of their world. Still, whether you are a Sci-fi or Fantasy writer, it is still nice to have a start of your world. This is not a full … Continue reading