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Roleplaying Makes for a Good Writer

Between publishing my novel on Amazon to completing my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel, I did very little writing.  I did do some Fan Fiction for Star Wars The Old Republic, but never in great detail as I do with my writing.

During this time, I was actually responsible for my guild’s RP.  My guild was the Grey Jedi Order.  Eventually I became the Guild Leader.  Now roleplay comes in all forms, including pen and paper, video games, LARP, or in the bedroom.  When I did RP for SWTOR, I modeled after what a DM does for pen and paper such as Dungeons & Dragons or Mechwarrior (where my moniker mad_cat comes from).  Most people I see that did RP in MMORPG tend to do what I call Cantina events, where people are at a bar, standing around and talking.  Through dialogue they reveal stories about their character.  For me, I don’t enjoy Cantina events…I’m spending $15/month just to stand in one place?  No thank you.

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New site released: http://home.chrisvotey.com

I am pleased to announce my new website, http://home.chrisvotey.com

website screenshot

What is this site? For anyone serious about writing, they need a page where they can show an aspect of their lives and their accomplishments. Also, it is a good idea to have a Press Biography, so if a reporter ever wants to interview you, you can provide them a lot of the information on your site, making their jobs easier.

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Book Release — Terran Psychosis


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It is cause for celebration for me. I have released my second book, Terran Psychosis. This was actually a story I wrote before my work related injury and had intentions of publishing nearly 2 years ago and of course the accident got in the way.

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New Year for Me

You often hear people say to only speak positively. That any negativity is a sin. I can’t live my life that way, I must be realistic in my goals. That being said, I do set my goals high, but not to the point they are unobtainable. To this effect, I am a realist. I take the good and bad together to make my decisions.

2014 is going to be the start of my writing career. I plan to do a lot of writing and marketing and getting my name out there. It would be great if I become a famous right with my first book, but realistically, I will gain a good following of people and make a meager start. When I think of my writing career, I think of it as a business plan, and I set myself out for five years, not a few months.

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