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Madness Blog-Con PC 14 – Not a Villain Comic


Of the many things we see at Comicon, well… there are comics. Go figure. Oh, Comicon… now I get it. It’s been bothering me for years.

It should be noted I am not a fan of comic books. I respect the artists and the writers, and the stories they can present is truly amazing. I often like reading what the stories were about and love them.

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Yandere & Your Usefulness— A-to-Z Blog Challenge, Literary Terms

YHaving already made up my own term to satisfy X, I thought I might have to do that for Y. Not quite. Almost, but luckily I found two good terms. The end is nigh, and soon I can go back to trying to become a successful author. Bringing normalcy to my blog. I’m happy and sad.

Today will be Yandere and Your Usefulness.

I’m sure I’ll have something more profound tomorrow, but those who have supported me, you deserve a lot of my thanks. You definitely made this worth doing. Show me your love down below.

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