#IWSG – Embrace Failure

Before I begin, I want to announce that I have completed my course, Digital Notes Organizer. Per the rules for IWSG, I won't advertise it in this post, but you can find a special offer here. However, today's discussion on Failure has a lot to do with the release of my course. More specifically, I … Continue reading

Digital Notes Organizer Now Available

I am pleased to announce that my course has been released. My course is Digital Notes Organizer - Making Your Personal Encyclopedia. My course is really two courses in one. The first part will teach you how to put a wiki on your computer, that only you have access to, that is 100% private and … Continue reading

#IWSG – Deadlines

I hate deadlines. I often fail them. Yet, I still set myself to a deadline to complete projects. Why do I do this if I hate them so much? It's certainly possible I'm a sadomasochist, but in truth, there is a really good reason why. … Continue reading

IWSG – Art vs Science of Writing

Many have this mentality that art and science are like water and oil, that the two can co-exist, but will always be opposites of each other. To this end, the science often requires more work versus art itself, which is often abandoned in the process of creating, which I feel affects the overall … Continue reading