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#IWSG – Deadlines

I hate deadlines. I often fail them. Yet, I still set myself to a deadline to complete projects. Why do I do this if I hate them so much? It’s certainly possible I’m a sadomasochist, but in truth, there is a really good reason why.

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IWSG – Art vs Science of Writing

Many have this mentality that art and science are like water and oil, that the two can co-exist, but will always be opposites of each other. To this end, the science often requires more work versus art itself, which is often abandoned in the process of creating, which I feel affects the overall work.

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IWSG – Thank You Guy Fieri

Kind of a strange title, to be thanking a cooking food host as a writer, but I promise you that it will make sense very quickly.

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#IWSG – Write What You Don’t Know

Perhaps the worst advice possible given to new writers, “Write What You Know”. It seems innocent enough. All of us know something, so use what you know as a story. While I agree for someone starting out to use this advice, I hate it for any writer moving on from beginner to novice.

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#IWSG – Writing Is A Way Of Life

I first want to mention the project I had been working on for a client that you can now get on Amazon. The book is called “The Twelve C’s of an Exceptional Leader“. You can get both a Kindle and Createspace version. This book goes into a lot about how to become a leader, or how to improve yourself. The author has given me permission to take some credit for this work as a Content Editor. I firmly believe in this book and encourage everyone to buy it who wishes to become a leader, and I say that as someone who gets no commission for any sales.

Now, onto my post…

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#IWSG – Work Work Work

I’ve been back home in Arizona for two months now. I wish I could tell you it is fantastic, but that would be a lie. The best I can say is that it is a safe haven for now, and hopefully I can use this time to get myself out of here. Likely will take me two years. In light of that, I will continue to work hard to live that dream of being self-sufficient and work on dealing with my disability.

Freelance Writing has been going well. While I’ve only had one client, he has given me a few jobs. I just completed the second one for him, and he’s given me permission to announce it. My contribution was Content and Line Editing. The book, “The Twelve C’s of Exceptional Leadership” is available on all major eBook Retailers and on Createspace. Since the completion of this project on Monday, he has given me another assignment, with plans to give me another after that.

I’ve got a few logs in the fire, so I do have hope right now. Mostly keeping myself busy and looking towards the future. One thing that will be fun is this weekend I am going to do a live editing. My student, Nicohle Christopherson, is wanting to get her first book published. This is primarily to get her name out there, but also take the pressure of becoming a published author. My first book was a quick story for much the same reasons. She has agreed to let me edit her work live on YouTube (stay tune for this post and a future post on when it will be playing). It is my hope that other beginning writers will see this and be inspired to write or know how to improve their stories, while also giving some positive attention to my student and help her on her writing career.

Beyond that, I have a few other things, but I would like to keep that close to the vest for right now. I just need to keep my head down but my eyes on the prize.

IWSG – Quick Update

I’m sorry that I am winging this. Right now my life is very busy and in the new year I plan to give more of an article. The last 6 months have been a horror for me, from being on the streets, to being in a shelter, to living in a bad environment… I can confirm now that I am back in Arizona and so far things are OK.

I am busy right now, as the Freelance Writing is doing well. I found a great client, and it has the opportunity to be a great series of jobs.

#IWSG – Off The Streets

I will keep this short today. I am very busy right now, which is a good thing, but I still want to say something for those who’ve shown support.

I am no longer on the streets. I am now living with my girlfriend. I am also starting up my career as a freelance writer. You can see my portfolio website at:

I am hoping that within a few months, I can come back to this site and start adding to the content. I have a lot of ideas still left to do. I also hope that Freelance takes off, so I can have the money to get further books out.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me support through my trying times. I’m not out of the woods yet, but things are not so dire anymore.

#IWSG Book Release and the Streets

It is time for IWSG. Perhaps the great writing group ever formed. All us writers have our insecurities, and it is great that we care share them with each other. I feel privileged to be a part of this group, and have been so welcomed by other members.

This post should be one of celebration, but unfortunately it is not.

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IWSG – Compromise and Book Cover Reveal

It’s the first Wednesday, and that means I am writing a few short words about what is going on in my life as a writer, and either openly talk about an issue, or share wisdom I’ve uncovered.

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