Updates about Site and Book

Every Friday on the IWSG FB group, they ask us to post our achievements for the week. I hope they don’t mind that instead of posting it all there, I am making a post about it. Several things to update everyone on.

Help Keep This Site Running

The success of this site has been a dream come true. It is my hope for this to remain on the internet indefinitely, but due to my disability, my funds will be short. I need your help to keep this site running.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.


Let’s start with the website. Thanks to donations on my GoFundMe (see ad above) and some private donations, I have enough to keep my site running for an additional 6 months. I have adjusted the GoFundMe for how much I need for the other 6 months. Thank you everyone who has donated.

This week, I finally finished stage III of my project. For the IWSG post for February, I went over how I am doing a book about using Astrology to build more complex characters. Well, this part of my process required profiling 144 different personalities. Over the last 50 days (starting near Christmas), that is about 3 profiles a day. Even doing one was mentally overwhelming, but I am determined.

I want to make sure when I do this book, that I understand every element to these personalities. I could just jot down a few keywords and general descriptions, but if you’ve seen my Worldbuilding series, you know that I can’t just give you the bare minimum. I have to really dig deep and present it to you so you can fully understand the who, the what, the how, and the why. It’s just what I do. So when you get this book, you know you are getting a quality book.

Other news is that in April, I am co-hosting IWSG. I’ve done it once before, and enjoyed the experience. I want to give back to IWSG in any way I can. It’s been a great asset to me, and I want to add to it.

I initially volunteered for it, as I wasn’t doing the AtoZ Challenge. I did it in 2014 with some success, and again in 2015 with much less success. Given the nature of AtoZ, I didn’t want to change how I do my blog. I tend to really discuss what something is. For me, it’s not worth doing a blog post unless I do it to the full extent. AtoZ tends to favor short articles.

But, with my book release this year (Pushing for April 15th), and having 144 personalities that I have mapped out, I would be extremely stupid not to take advantage of AtoZ Challenge 2017. So, for the AtoZ Challenge, I am doing a preview of my book for each day. You will get a sample of 30 out of 144 personalities. It’ll likely be very basic, as I want you to buy the book.

So for April, I will be participating in the AtoZ Challenge and co-hosting IWSG. It’s a lot of work, but I can do both and give it my all, especially if I do short articles.

Next step from here is dotting my ‘t’s and crossing my ‘i’s. You read that right. I am going to double check all my work, make sure it is all correct, and then move onto actually writing the book.

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