How Elementary Helped Me Become a Better Writer

Start off, I am currently at the halfway point for the current phase I’m in for my project. Likely after I finish this and the next phase I’ll be at the halfway point for the project. I’ve decided that for February IWSG, I will reveal what the project is.

I love the show Elementary. Sherlock Holmes in NY with a female Watson. What’s not to love. It’s a great show and writers can learn a great deal in watching it, especially the biggest lesson one can learn from it.

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In the show, Sherlock is rather an usual person. More so than the movie with Robert Downy Jr. Not so sure about the BBC version, haven’t yet seen that. By normal people’s standards, Sherlock does a lot of strange things, and does seem to really go out of his way to annoy people. The kicker is, it works for him. It helps him solve cases.

Perhaps the best method he uses is changing your environment. Sherlock has been known to take his casework and go to a different room to study the files. He’s also been known to rearrange furniture or even change the colour of the walls. Anything he can do so his mind feels alienated and might encourage him to think of something he hadn’t before. Doesn’t always work.

As writers, we can get very comfortable in our work space. Perhaps a little too comfortable. This is why a coffee shop is so good. I used to think going to a coffee shop was just to get attention to yourself, “Hey, I’m a writer, look at me!”. But now I know that it is simply just trying to find inspiration in a new environment.

So go to a coffee shop. Clean your room, or office. Rearrange furniture. Buy new curtains. Do something that changes things up, and forces your mind to process it, and then direct that to your writing.

For me, that was cleaning my room, and getting a haircut.

Quite drastic, I know. In fact, I did it myself. A bathroom mirror and a pair of clippers. I think I did a good job. I might be bias though. I did it for a variety of reasons, but given I haven’t had my hair this short for at least 10 years, it feels like a new experience. And, strangely enough, I feel more productive.

Now I’m not suggesting you go cut your hair, but if you are in a rut and needing some inspiration, think about changing things up a bit. Take your laptop and go to the park, or dye your hair. Anything to take you out of your comfort zone, and create a new comfort zone.

Help Keep This Site Running

This site is a great achievement for me, but due to being unable to work, I may not be able to keep this site running. With your help, I might be able to.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.

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