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How Elementary Helped Me Become a Better Writer

Start off, I am currently at the halfway point for the current phase I’m in for my project. Likely after I finish this and the next phase I’ll be at the halfway point for the project. I’ve decided that for February IWSG, I will reveal what the project is.

I love the show Elementary. Sherlock Holmes in NY with a female Watson. What’s not to love. It’s a great show and writers can learn a great deal in watching it, especially the biggest lesson one can learn from it.

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What’s It Like to Write a Writing Help Book

In one word: Tedious.

You thought writing a book was hard enough, but doing a writing help book is a whole other beast.

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Profiling Personalities

Given my IWSG post this month, I am working diligently towards a goal of sustaining myself. Not just because I want to be self-reliant, but because I have to be. I’m sure another place would open up to me and I can move and live there for a spell, but I don’t want to keep doing that. As they say, Need is the Mother of Invention.

Look at the name of the ship. From Red vs Blue.

I want to chronicle my journey as it pertains to writing. This blog is a major part of me, and all of you who visit my site have made it what it is. This year I expect to get to 50k views. So it’s only fitting that I keep everyone up to date.

However, this is a Writing Education blog, so I will try to throw some education in, for good measure.

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#IWSG – This Is The Year

2017 will be my year. Not because I want it to be, but because I need it to be.

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