IWSG – Quick Update

I'm sorry that I am winging this. Right now my life is very busy and in the new year I plan to give more of an article. The last 6 months have been a horror for me, from being on the streets, to being in a shelter, to living in a bad environment... I can confirm now that I am back in Arizona and so … Continue reading

#IWSG – Off The Streets

I will keep this short today. I am very busy right now, which is a good thing, but I still want to say something for those who've shown support. I am no longer on the streets. I am now living with my girlfriend. I am also starting up my career as a freelance writer. You can see my portfolio … Continue reading

#IWSG – 50,000

I will keep this post short. My AtoZ challenge was a success. Very happy how it turned out. Thanks to that, I finally reached 50,000 views. My blog has been going since March 2014, and since June of that year I've received at least one visitor on my blog everyday. Quite an achievement. What's my … Continue reading