Co-Hosting IWSG

IWSG badgeIt’s that time again for doing IWSG and as a special treat, I am co-hosting for the month of April.

I wish everyone luck this year for the AtoZChallenge. This year I am not doing it, even though the two previous years I did. I find these days there is a lot I am not doing that I want to do. Such as doing my Literary Terms series, or doing grammar articles, and many other things.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you want to do, and frustrated that you can’t do everything. It’s best to take a step back, watch some silly TV show, then evaluate everything you need to accomplish.

For me, I’ve got to do everything I can to try to make my career take off and be able to take care of myself from a year from now. That is a rather tall order to fill, but I’ve got to try. Doing the things I want because I love to do it has to take a back seat to doing what I must in order to survive another day.

It’s a tough thing to do, believe me. Life is not worth living if you must sacrifice the things you love. But then, I do love writing, and I do love teaching. Doing my Worldbuilding series does give me a great sense of accomplishment, especially when it means I get views on my site. Such as getting over 1000 views on my site for March, which I hadn’t done the six months prior.

So I am still doing things I love, just not all the things I wish I could do. One new thing I will be doing soon is Teaching Online. Most likely through Udemy, but you’ll likely find me on other sites. I think I have something to offer, and it looks like it is good money. I am still doing writing and hope to released my semi-autobiography soon.

I do wish there was a magic pill that I could take that allowed my brain to be somewhat normal so I could do more in a day. Usually I can only do a few hours and suffer for it the rest of the day. That will always be my biggest challenge until I can get the money to get treatment. I do have medicaid once again, but I’m not very optimistic that it will lead to getting the help I need.

I do want to speak on another issue while I have you here. Recently my site was coming under attack, people trying to get access to my site through brute force attacks. I knew this because I had Wordfence security, which is a plugin for WordPress. I told me it kept blocking people who tried to get access, and for a time I felt safe and rather flattered. They wouldn’t be trying to hack me if I wasn’t somewhat popular.

But it started to worry me. So, I got BPS Security, which works in conjunction with WordFence. It gives me more security for preventing people from doing brute force attacks on my site. It’s only been a few days, but I haven’t been getting emails reporting of people trying to access my site. The way I set it up, it would be extremely difficult (but not impossible). So those who have WordPress on a hosting account, may want to consider using WordFence and BPS for your site. It can be a little hard to setup, but it is worth it in the end.

I thank Alex J. Cavanaugh for giving me the chance to host this month. I hope to do it in the near future, as I love giving back to the group. I also love the Facebook IWSG group, and helping out writers there. I love sharing what I know and teaching. At the same time, I do learn quite a bit as well.

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  1. Scary that people are trying to hack your site. Smart to get more security.
    Awesome you will be teaching online.
    Thanks for co-hosting today!

  2. That is scary that people tried to hack your site. My husband is a programmer and he protects his work’s sites from hackers and it’s frightening just how many are out there. Great news about your teaching! It’s lovely to be co-hosting with you today. πŸ™‚

  3. chemistken says:

    I know another writer whose WordPress site was hacked so badly, she’s considering taking it down. Glad you’ve been able to hold off the attacks so far. I was also happy to see all the posts on metals and their history. That’s music to a chemist like me.

    Thanks for co-hosting this month’s IWSG!

    • mad_cat says:

      I will be stepping away from metals soon enough, but to hear that it is music to someone, that is the first time I’ve heard that. That’s awesome. I hope you enjoy those articles.

  4. patgarcia says:

    So proud of you succeeding by doing your thing. There is never enough time in a day for me either. Sometimes I wish the day was 36 hours long but then I ask myself if that would be enough time.
    All the best in your ventures and thank you for co-hosting.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  5. Life is about choices so you should never feel bad about the ones you make. I remember horrible choices my daughter had to make in high school: Did she play in the school concert (she was concert mistress) or attend the soccer game (she was a varsity starter). Those are nasty choices with no winners. Mine usually pale in comparison.

    • mad_cat says:

      It’s good to have choices. Usually means you’re doing something positive with your life, but then it means disappointing someone. It’s like fire. Fire is destructive, but also necessary for life to thrive.

  6. karen walker says:

    So scary that your site is under attack. You’re so smart to know what you needed to do to protect it. I wish you luck with getting your career off the ground. It’s not an easy path.

  7. Hackers? OMG, some children just need to get busy and come over and do my laundry, paint my deck, wash and detail my car, etc. I hear your anxiety over trying to do so much. Patience. And make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep is so important. With the body rested, the creative juices and energy will flow at warp speed. Good luck. Blessings

    • mad_cat says:

      My problem is, I sleep too much. When I do say like 2 hours of writing, my mind is so overworked, I end up going to sleep between 4 – 8 hours. It really sucks.

      But when making a sandcastle, you’ve got to stay within the sandbox.

  8. Megan Morgan says:

    Yikes, people trying to get into your site sounds scary. I’m glad you were able to stop them.

    Good luck in all you’re trying to accomplish. You sound like you have some solid plans.

  9. Yikes! Sorry to hear about those attacks on your system. It’s not me, honest!!!
    Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for co-hosting IWSG this month.
    I’m looking forward to hosting some time soon.

  10. cdcoffelt says:

    hack your site? Holy cats.
    One strange thing happened when I clicked on your name at the IWSG site. It came up a 403 error code. I went back and clicked on it again and the link worked. don’t know if that is “something” or part of your security system.
    Regarding Trying to Do it All: I wish I had the answer too. If you find out, let me in on the secret. K?
    Author of Wilder Mage at Spirit Called

  11. fenster says:

    I’m intrigued- What bad TV do you watch to unwind? I always want to do that, then talk myself out of it, pretending I’m far too busy for such things. I’m not, really.

    Good luck with your many, many, many endeavors.

  12. I didn’t know that people could attack your site like that – creepy stuff!

    This is my first time co-hosting IWSG, and I’m really enjoying it. πŸ™‚

  13. Lidy says:

    It really bugs me how people will do stuff like that. SMH
    Good luck teaching and thanks for co-hosting today!

  14. Erika Beebe says:

    I have never tried word fence but will have to look into it. It seems like every platform has it’s downfalls and it makes me sad to think others feel joy in doing what they are not supposed to do. Thank you for being s host and sharing your thoughts.

    • mad_cat says:

      I do recommend it. Wordfence at a minimum, to keep your site safe and secure. As you do more with your site, the more people will want to exploit it. In some ways, it’s an indication that you’re popular enough that people want to hack you, but it can be disconcerting to know people are trying to take your hard earned work and ruin it for money in their pocket.

      Not having it might give you piece of mind, because you’re not told that someone is doing it, until it is too late and someone has broken through. I rather have the security and the worry now, than a successful attack and dread later.

      But try not to be too concerned with it. Having a seatbelt in a car with an airbag doesn’t mean you’ll get into a car accident, but it is nice to have if it should (and hopefully never) happens. Safety first.

  15. Juneta says:

    Thanks for co-hosting this month. Hackers are irritating don’t understand what they get out of it on random sites. Anyway glad to hear you are doing what you love.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

    • mad_cat says:

      There’s a lot that can be done with getting access to a random site. But with security in place, even a few preventive measures, one can have a fairly good blogging experience.

      Thank you for your comment.

  16. Sounds to me like you could use a Time Turner to give you more time in a day. I often wish I had one. πŸ™‚ I hope those trying to attack your site keep failing.

    • mad_cat says:

      I’ve read/seen too many Time Travel stories to know why the Time Turner is actually a very dangerous device. However, if I had it, I would exploit it.

      Thank you for your comment.

  17. Wow, that’s crazy that people are trying to attack your site! Good luck with that.

  18. Without nearly the work load you carry, I share your sentiments. I, too, am trying to break out a bit more this year. Thanks for co-hosting.

  19. Thanks for co-hosting, Chris! I hope that you have a great time visiting members’ sites. I love giving back to the group too. Gosh, I never thought about hackers; like why would they be trying to hack my site? Maybe it’s because I’m on blogger that things have gone well. I do hope that you can get your treatment soon; it’s discouraging when you have to fight to get the treatment you need. Happy writing in April!

    • mad_cat says:

      The why is simple, once you understand how things like search engines. But ultimately, it’s about making money. But even though you are on blogger, and even though Google provides you with a level of protection (GoDaddy also provides me protection in using their servers), one must remember, there is not such thing as 100% security when online.

      Not to scare you. But to make you aware that it is something that happens, which is why it is good to take extra precautions. I haven’t had a hacker successfully break into my site yet, but doesn’t mean it won’t happen, no matter what protections I have. I just know that most hackers are just bots trying a bunch of random sites to get access and not actual people trying to get in.

      You should be fine with just Blogger, as it provides you protection. Having your own server like I do, one has to be more conscious about the threats out there.

      As far as getting treatment, I hope so too. I just know the answer is not with Medicaid, but with raising the money to get the treatment and do it that way. Which is why this year is so important to me.

  20. EE Giorgi says:

    OMG, that’s scary, how did you find out they were trying to get access to your site?

    • mad_cat says:

      Wordfence told me. If I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t know that people where trying to guess my userid and password. Wordfence blocks people once it sees someone with too many failed attempts. It’s kind of like a fever when you’re sick. A fever is an indication that your body is fighting the infection, so a fever is a positive thing, no matter how much it sucks having. Being told I am having people blocked is a good thing, even if it is a bit disconcerting. Thus the extra security.

  21. Lynn says:

    Hi Chris, Thank you for co-hosting. I think that’s a heavy-weight position as well as an honor. Sounds like folks are offering great solutions to prevent your site from being hacked in the future.

    • mad_cat says:

      Thank you. I think the position is important to help maintain the growth of IWSG. Not just to make sure people are posting, but to support people with a comment on their site to give them encouragement. It’s what Co-Hosting means to me.

  22. Thanks for co-hosting, Chris. Its awesome that you will be teaching online. Congrats. I am petrified of being under cyber attack.

    Rachna Chhabria
    Co-host IWSG
    Rachna’s Scriptorium

    • mad_cat says:

      Cyber attack is scary, but it is best not to look at what I have as a Cyber attack. Technically it is, because it is cyber and it is an attack, but a Cyber Attack implies intent to specifically target me. What I receive is just bots trying to hit random sites hoping for access. Knowing that makes it less scary and easier to protect against.

      Glad to be co-hosting, definitely want to do it again. Thank you as well for co-hosting.

  23. Ugh! Trying to hack your site stinks!
    I better go take a look at mine as well.
    Thanks for co-hosting!
    Heather M. Gardner / @hmgardner
    Co-Host, Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  24. There is never enough time in a day! πŸ™‚
    But do what you can…remember every little bit counts.

    The tech guy who hosts my site also added WordFence to my site.
    Have you tried the Google Authenticator? I also use it.
    It’s a six-to-eight-digit one-time password which users must provide in addition to their username and password to log into Google services or other sites.
    Thank you for co-hosting the IWSG this month!
    Writer In Transit

  25. Doing what you love is so important. I hope teaching an online course is a positive experience. I’d be interested in hearing more about that in the future.

  26. J.Q. Rose says:

    I think you are wise to figure out your priorities for your life. There’s no sense to take on too much. I know if I do, something has to suffer for it. Thanks for co-hosting!

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