Co-Hosting IWSG

IWSG badgeIt’s that time again for doing IWSG and as a special treat, I am co-hosting for the month of April.

I wish everyone luck this year for the AtoZChallenge. This year I am not doing it, even though the two previous years I did. I find these days there is a lot I am not doing that I want to do. Such as doing my Literary Terms series, or doing grammar articles, and many other things.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you want to do, and frustrated that you can’t do everything. It’s best to take a step back, watch some silly TV show, then evaluate everything you need to accomplish.

For me, I’ve got to do everything I can to try to make my career take off and be able to take care of myself from a year from now. That is a rather tall order to fill, but I’ve got to try. Doing the things I want because I love to do it has to take a back seat to doing what I must in order to survive another day.

It’s a tough thing to do, believe me. Life is not worth living if you must sacrifice the things you love. But then, I do love writing, and I do love teaching. Doing my Worldbuilding series does give me a great sense of accomplishment, especially when it means I get views on my site. Such as getting over 1000 views on my site for March, which I hadn’t done the six months prior.

So I am still doing things I love, just not all the things I wish I could do. One new thing I will be doing soon is Teaching Online. Most likely through Udemy, but you’ll likely find me on other sites. I think I have something to offer, and it looks like it is good money. I am still doing writing and hope to released my semi-autobiography soon.

I do wish there was a magic pill that I could take that allowed my brain to be somewhat normal so I could do more in a day. Usually I can only do a few hours and suffer for it the rest of the day. That will always be my biggest challenge until I can get the money to get treatment. I do have medicaid once again, but I’m not very optimistic that it will lead to getting the help I need.

I do want to speak on another issue while I have you here. Recently my site was coming under attack, people trying to get access to my site through brute force attacks. I knew this because I had Wordfence security, which is a plugin for WordPress. I told me it kept blocking people who tried to get access, and for a time I felt safe and rather flattered. They wouldn’t be trying to hack me if I wasn’t somewhat popular.

But it started to worry me. So, I got BPS Security, which works in conjunction with WordFence. It gives me more security for preventing people from doing brute force attacks on my site. It’s only been a few days, but I haven’t been getting emails reporting of people trying to access my site. The way I set it up, it would be extremely difficult (but not impossible). So those who have WordPress on a hosting account, may want to consider using WordFence and BPS for your site. It can be a little hard to setup, but it is worth it in the end.

I thank Alex J. Cavanaugh for giving me the chance to host this month. I hope to do it in the near future, as I love giving back to the group. I also love the Facebook IWSG group, and helping out writers there. I love sharing what I know and teaching. At the same time, I do learn quite a bit as well.

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