IWSG – 2nd Year Anniversary

Actually, my 2nd Year Anniversary was yesterday, but I am writing this on my Anniversary… so it all works out.

While Madness of a Modern Writer started off a free wordpress site, in March of 2014, it premiered as its own website. Like all blogs, it had a rocky start. That is to be expected, but I was amazed by how much of a hit my site became so quickly.

My goal for the site was to create a resource for writers to better hone their skills in writing, as well as my own, in trying to understand more than just what the rule of something is, but the how and why. To really understand something, so we can become masters of the written word. But not everything works out according to plan.

Help Keep This Site Running

The success of this site has been a dream come true. It is my hope for this to remain on the internet indefinitely, but due to my disability, my funds will be short. I need your help to keep this site running.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.


One thing I learned in doing a blog, is that it is a lot of hard work for little reward. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do and will continue to do it, but if you want to get a lot of views, you’ve got to put in a lot of time and effort. Even then, that is not enough. You’ve got to give people what they want, but not be like others. There are plenty of other blogs that do writing education. I like to believe that I give more than some of the others, but there are many that are greater than I am.

What you need is a niche. And I found mine. Worldbuilding. It all started when I was working on a story that I hope to write one day, and asked, “What is inside a castle?”. I didn’t know. I began to search the internet, which led into worldbuilding, which led into map making. Crazy how things evolve. At first, I made maps for myself, trying out a lot of different things, seeing what worked, and what didn’t. I found tutorials online and try to reverse engineer them, and then improve upon them.

I then decided to start making tutorials, that was one part Geographic Worldbuilding lecture, and one part Map Making. It was a tutorial for those who can’t draw, because well, I can’t draw. After a few months, it wasn’t getting that much attention. I suspect some would quit at this point, but I pushed on. I then showed my work to artists and writers at Phoenix Comicon, and one suggested that I post on reddit… and practically over night, I was a hit.

Now still, I only get about 1000 views a month when I do post on reddit, and it is a nice number. I strive for more. I want to know what it is like to get a 1000 views a day. I look at other blogs, such as K.M. Weiland, Joanna Penn, Chuck Wendig, and say “I want to be like them”. However, despite not reaching that level, something else really cool has happened.

If you follow my blog, you will note that I haven’t written that much in quite some time. Dealing with a book release and facing possible homelessness, I just haven’t had enough energy to do any articles, except IWSG monthly post (as I don’t want to be removed from the list). But in that time, I still get views everyday. Sometimes it is just 2 views a day, other times, it’s a 100. On average, I receive about 600 views a month… for posting nothing.

Basically, I am still getting views to my site, because of all the articles I’ve posted in the past. That is a great compliment, knowing that my website is helping people out there either for making a map or help with some other aspect of writing. More than that, pages on my site are starting to get featured on other websites. Mostly it is my worldbuilding series, but I was told recently that my writing tips page is now featured on IWSG.

Total views for Mar-2014 to Feb-2015: 15612
Total views for Mar-2015 to Feb-2016: 18820
20% improvement from year 1

So, what is 2016 going to look like for me? I’m going to relaunch my new Worldbuilding series, to talk about things you should consider when building your world. I’ll finish of the Metals of Antiquity, start with Mercury, and then doing Iron, Lead, Gold, and Tin. Then start doing other elements of worldbuilding. I will also continue my literary terms page, as that gets a lot of views as well, though not as much as worldbuilding.

I am also going to launch my site, Concrete Desk Services. One service is Concrete Desk Publishing, which will be my publishing company. I am not ready as of this time to start publishing other books, but I hope to in the near future. On there, I will post other writing help articles that I no longer do on this site. I will also likely offer proofreading services, copywriting, and map making.

I will also start doing some online courses, likely on Udemy, but a few other places. I need to make fast money this year, as this year sets the stage for the rest of my life. Plus, to write well, you need money for editors, artists, and marketing. That will be through Concrete Desk Services, but will definitely mention them here.

Madness Editing Services

1248236354826602459tribal-tattoo.svg.hiWe are a two-person team that offers you affordable editing services that covers the content of the story itself, how it flows, and the language and grammar. More than just editing, we also offer a one-stop shop for all your additional needs to become an author, including ebook formatting, cover design, book blurbs, synopsis, biography, and flourishes.

Click here to find out more.

I’ve been having a battle with my desktop since my move. It has died two times, and I continue trying to replace parts for it. While I can do everything I need to this year with my laptop, it will make everything exceedingly more difficult. So, just need to hope that my newest replacement part will keep my computer running long enough to record video courses.

This year, as far as my writing is going, I’m going to take a step away from fiction. As much as I want to do fiction, I want to do some non-fiction, writing help books for now. I am over 16,000 words into my newest book, likely titled:

Writing and Post-Concussion Syndrome:
Or, How I Became an Author with PCS


That’s not two suggestions, that is the entire titled. My disability is a big part of who I am, so I am doing a semi-autobiography of my life leading up to my accident, centered around my being a writer. I’m inspired by Stephen King’s book On Writing, and using his idea of writing about what made me become a writer, and give advice of the craft. It is my hope my book is an inspiration for would-be writers, those who also suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome, and quite possibly, would-be writers who have PCS.

I got a lot of plans for year 3, and I’ve very happy to share it with all my fans. Expect to see big changes in the coming months.

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