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I want to first state that I am now in Pennsylvania, and doing quite well. I feel that I will accomplish much in my time here, and my roommate is a very positive person. I feel very fortunate.

Most indie writers have a whole other life beyond sitting behind a computer and typing. They have a job, some have families, others have friends. They wish they could spend more time writing. Me, all I have is writing. Funny enough, most of my time spent in my career is doing what I can to let the world know that I, and my books, exist.

It is a hard life to lead, being a novice indie writer. While I have published a few books, I have yet to hit the big time. Hell, I’d settle for the medium time. I know it is a numbers game and it’s only a matter of time. I got to keep at it.

Since I’ve moved, I have felt underwhelmed. I’m happy to be here, but I don’t really know how I feel right now. I think I’m still depressed, but I’m not sure. I believe the reason why is that while moving into my new home has been great, I am still disabled and mostly cut off from the world. My only real connection to the world is my writing, and working to get awareness of my work is taxing. It is also stressful.

As always with IWSG, I am not saying that I won’t push on. I will. This is an opportunity to show some weakness as a means of healing. I have big plans this year, releasing a few books to help other writers, including a semi-autobiography of my writing life thus far. Also do teach some online courses and maybe hit a con or two.

Right now I am working on book reviews. Perhaps that is what has me in a funk right now, is that I scour the internet looking for blogs that do reviews, and send an email asking them to review my book in the hopes I can get a few my way to help sell a few books. I’ve done it before, which is how I got 10 for Terran Psychosis. It’s just time consuming, and I know that I could send out 100 emails and maybe get a few responses.

Gotta keep at it. If this was easy, then everyone would do it.

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Help Keep This Site Running

This site is a great achievement for me, but due to being unable to work, I may not be able to keep this site running. With your help, I might be able to.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.


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