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IWSG – New Year

New Year is upon us, but for me, my new year doesn’t really start until February. There is a lot to do and little time to do it, but I am hard press to start any projects right now (and believe me, I want to). Why? Because I am moving.

Last month I reported on the possibility of me facing homelessness. While it might take a few months to happen, I knew it was inevitable. Thanks to some friends and fans, I got some help. More specifically, someone agreed to take me in. They are aware of my limitations and what I can and cannot do, and they want to give me an environment to work. This of course is a temporary measure, as I may get 12 – 18 months, but I’ve got to make that count.

The hardest things about being an author is the capital and marketing. It is important to have a day job as you focus on being a writer and treat it as a secondary full time job. When I first started, I had a job, but not good enough to get me where I wanted to go writing. I tried to get a better job, but of course my injury happened, and to this day, I still haven’t recovered from.

I’ve been forced to be creative and resourceful. Not let a thing like the lack of money stand in my way. Of course, there is only so far you can go like that before it becomes an issue. I feel I am coming to a head with that and this year will be the most important one of my life. I’ve got to really make it count.

Easier said than done.

My move date is January 19th. After that, I don’t know how long it will take me to settle in and get the ball rolling. I do have a lot of plans this year. I want to continue my Worldbuilding series and literary terms series. I want to complete the rest of my first book of the Daygar series and maybe sell it on my site. Then there is Concrete Desk Publishing, get that started up and start doing more writing help articles that I use to do on here. I’m also looking into selling pre-made maps, offering mentoring services, and doing videos on writing help.

One final note before I go today, is that I met my protégé. As some of you know, I like to mentor beginning writers. While I’m hardly someone who could be considered a successful writer, I have published 5 books. I do feel there is something I can offer others, so I offer my insight into writing to others.

As of this time I have two that I am mentoring. The first one I’ve been helping out for nearly two years, and this past month, I got to spend a day with her. It was magical. It is great to witness the mind that I help mold, and been awarded the chance to see her transform. Like so many of us, we have the desire but lack the insight of the best way to go about things. She is fortunate that she has a guide on her journey, and I truly believe she will be a great author one day. She really wants to shake things up and bring awareness to those who she feels doesn’t get a voice.

To those that have published a book or two and trying to reach the next stage of your career, I recommend reaching out to a beginning writer and give them guidance. You would be amazed of what you know. The biggest challenge of it is finding someone willing to learn. I’ve certainly encountered a few that really just wanted all my insight without having to give anything in return.

A true mentorship is one of time, that you will form a bond that is greater than friendship and on par with a romantic relationship. A true mentorship that I give to my protégés is one of exploring what it means to be human by revealing my vulnerability and exploring theirs. It is the vulnerability of mankind that makes our readers connect to our characters. As a mentor, it is your job to open them up to what the world is versus what they want it to be, and how to transform that into their writing.

As you can see, I take it very seriously. My first protégé was hesitant at first with many of the things I tried to teach her, and now is appreciative of where I led her. As she has said, I am rather unorthodox and it doesn’t always make sense where I am leading her, but it is worth going through for the end result. Paraphrasing of course. Meeting her and having a few hours to talk and just look into the eyes of a great mind, was a rewarding experience and an indication that I am doing good in this world.

So, if you know someone who could use a little help, offer them a sounding board and see what advice you can give them. Of course, it is always up to them on how they take that advice and use it for themselves. You are their teacher, and your job is to teach. Though if you have any questions on how to help out another, I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

The benefit to helping others is the opportunity to help yourself become a better writer, either by relearning what you know, or learning from them and their experiences.

That does it for me today, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone gets a good start on the New Year for their writing goals.

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