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Worldbuilding #14 – Metals

Welcome to the first article of my new Worldbuilding series. This, in many ways, is a sequel to my previous Worldbuilding series. Unlike the last one, which focused on Geography and Map Making, this series will cover everything else that goes into Worldbuilding. The goal with this is to be able to answer questions that many other Worldbuilding sources will ask you. This series will help educate you on a variety of topics that are important to designing your world that you likely never thought about before.

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#IWSG – To Patreon or Not Patreon

IWSG badge

Welcome to another edition of Internet Writer’s Support Group. A time honoured tradition for my site where I reveal my thoughts and feelings as a writer. Sometimes those thoughts are good, other times, not so good. Today, I will discuss my new Patreon account. What is it, why am I doing it, and how this will affect me as a writer.


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Madness Worldbuilding New Series Intro

worldbuilding logo2Welcome to the next Madness Worldbuilding series. For a long while I have been promising this series, and today I get to realize my dream.

My goal with this series is to bring you a great resource of information that has been my pleasure to bring in the past. It has always been my belief that when you write an educational article, you must identify the how and why beyond the initial what, and I will continue that work with this series.

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Literary Terms – Catastrophe

large_open_bookHere’s a word we often hear. But do you know what it means? Most people would say something really bad, and they’d be right, but like most definitions, there is more to it than that. It has another meaning rich with history and today we will explore that to help us understand what a catastrophe is when we write, and how it can be both a positive and negative thing.


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Literary Terms – Anti-Climax

large_open_bookWelcome to another Literary Term. Many of my terms are things you haven’t heard of before, but once in awhile, they are terms that you have heard, or at least should have heard.

Anti-climax is a great words that describes a great plot device that, like a magic trick, you have to be careful in its execution. A poor execution can lead to a lot of angry viewers.

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Literary Term – Ab ovo

large_open_bookWelcome to the relaunch of my literary terms. For the past few years I’ve been doing the A to Z Challenge and my topic of choice was New Age Literary Terms. While I will not be doing Literary terms for the A2ZChallenge in the future, I will be continuing the terms individually, starting with the posting of old terms.

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IWSG – Done and Scared

IWSG badgeSo it is the first Wednesday of the month and it is time for the IWSG.

Today, or rather about 30 minutes ago, I finished my book. Templar Five is written and is now with an editor to tell me all the mistakes I made. It hasn’t hit me yet that I have finished, as I am very very exhausted. In the last 4 days I’ve done about 15,000 words.

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IWSG – Hard At Work

IWSG badgeThank you for joining me for the first Wednesday of the month.


Nothing has gone according to plan. That happens, especially being a writer. You set everything out that you need to do and one thing or another interrupts you and suddenly, you are falling behind.

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IWSG – Upcoming Changes

IWSG badgeFirst Wednesday of the month, and here I am to discuss stuff. I use to be more eloquent. Normally I’d be discussing something depressing in reference to my disability or a bit of good news, however, this time I am doing something different…


I’m discussing a lot of good news.


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Worldbuilding #13 – End World

worldbuilding logo2This is the last article of the map-making series. What a ride it has been. About 75% of my total views for this website has come from my Worldbuilding series and that makes me quite proud.

Now, while this is end of the map-making portion, this is only the beginning of what comes next in the series. So stay tune for what comes next.

Today, we take your design and make a globe. Enjoy.

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