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The last first Wednesday of the month, or otherwise known, last Internet Writer’s Support Group post of the year.

This has been an interesting year, and by interesting, I mean very tough. But in that, I managed to release two books, then re-released them after that. Unfortunately, the tough times are still going and it seems like it will last for most of next year.

I guess right now my biggest problem is figuring out where I’m going to be living next year. There a high probability (as my Mother has directly told me this) that they may ask me to leave. There is only so much they can do for me and I’ve lived with them for 2 1/2 years. I am disabled and I am limited in what I can do. They’ve never fully understood what that meant. My options are quite limited right now and there is a good chance I could be homeless.

As bad as that sounds, I am trying to be positive and proactive about it. I am raising money right now to help me, namely to get a laptop, but also other supplies. Perhaps even get a storage unit to hold my stuff. The name of the game for me is to do whatever I can to take myself off the streets. That, however, could take a few months to a year.

How do I plan to do that? My books. While making it as a fiction writer is extremely tough, I believe that I have found a niche in writing help books. In trying to make up for my difficulties in writing, I developed a series of tools to make it easier for me. I am then turning those tools into books, as I believe they will help other writers.

One of those books will be on dialogue tags. I see a lot of writers ask about tags, and in my opinion, bad advice is given to these writers. That bad advice: only use ‘said’. He said, she said, they said. The English language is very rich with words and we should use them to help paint a scene.

I won’t go into too many details about this project, but I will say that you as an author can help out. I have nearly 400 words (so far) of dialogue tags. Likely, any resource I release will be between 50 – 100 most common words. For those words, I could use examples. Rather than make up examples, I would like to use actual examples, from actual books.

The benefit to an author would be free advertisement in my book. People will see your example, and will get a link to your store page. If you’re interested in doing this, click here or above for Dialogue Tags. Check out the list of words and fill out the form below that to submit an example of using one of those words in your books. Ideally, your best example of that word. You can submit multiple words, but I ask that you submit only once for each word.

That list is not absolute, and while i will use most of them, some I may not. I may also double the list as well, so it is good to double check. I will post on twitter when there is a new list up. If I get enough entries, I may do multiple examples for each words.

The important thing to consider though, is that I can only show links specific for the distributor. So I can’t have Smashwords links on an Amazon release, and vice versa. So, if you can give both an Amazon and Smashwords link to your book, please do. Note that if you only have an Amazon book, I will still include your book and place it in the bibliography, but I won’t be able to link to it. Smashwords will reject any link to a competitor.

That is one of many books I plan to release next year. My fiction writing will be put on hold until I can get these out, as I firmly believe I can make a profit with these books and get myself off the streets. It sounds depressing, to say the least, but again, I am trying to be positive and proactive. If you want to also help me with my situation itself, check out my GoFundMe. If you are unable to donate, which is understandable, please spread the word.

And before I forget…

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