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Worldbuilding 14.2 – Silver

Today is a new day for a Worldbuilding article. It takes me several days to produce one of these articles, as I do a lot of research into them, to which I am glad to do. There is a lot of satisfaction when I can bring it all together, and enjoy the feedback, especially on reddit.

Today we discuss Silver. Silver is part of the 7 Metals of Antiquity, which are the known metals of the world until the 1800’s. I plan to cover each of these as they are the most likely metals to show up in your world, especially for fantasy writers.

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Worldbuilding #15 – Concrete

So far we’ve discussed metals for the worldbuilding series, today we take a sidestep and look at another element important to our society, Concrete.

It’s hard to go anywhere today and not see some form of concrete, whether in building, roads, bridges, or a vast variety of other things. Like metal, it has been one of the key elements that has shaped our modern society, starting nearly 300 years ago. However, it is not a new concept and has been around since prehistoric times.

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IWSG – The Curse of Editing

It’s Wednesday again, that means it is time for IWSG. The last month has been hard on me. Of all the things we do as writers, I think the one thing I hate most is editing. Many will say marketing, but for me, I’d rather do marketing.

For the last month I’ve been doing editing, and it has been quite challenging. My disability doesn’t make it easy on me, often having to take long breaks that can last for a day, not feeling good most of the time. But I am thankful for the attention to detail my editor has given to my work and I want to talk about her today.

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