Worldbuilding 14.2 – Silver

Today is a new day for a Worldbuilding article. It takes me several days to produce one of these articles, as I do a lot of research into them, to which I am glad to do. There is a lot of satisfaction when I can bring it all together, and enjoy the feedback, especially on reddit. Today we … Continue reading

Worldbuilding #15 – Concrete

So far we've discussed metals for the worldbuilding series, today we take a sidestep and look at another element important to our society, Concrete. It's hard to go anywhere today and not see some form of concrete, whether in building, roads, bridges, or a vast variety of other things. Like … Continue reading

IWSG – The Curse of Editing

It's Wednesday again, that means it is time for IWSG. The last month has been hard on me. Of all the things we do as writers, I think the one thing I hate most is editing. Many will say marketing, but for me, I'd rather do marketing. For the last month I've been doing editing, and it has been … Continue reading