Literary Terms – Catastrophe

Here’s a word we often hear. But do you know what it means? Most people would say something really bad, and they’d be right, but like most definitions, there is more to it than that. It has another meaning rich with history and today we will explore that to help us understand what a catastrophe … Continue reading

Literary Terms – Anti-Climax

Welcome to another Literary Term. Many of my terms are things you haven't heard of before, but once in awhile, they are terms that you have heard, or at least should have heard. Anti-climax is a great words that describes a great plot device that, like a magic trick, you have to be careful in … Continue reading

Literary Term – Ab ovo

Welcome to the relaunch of my literary terms. For the past few years I've been doing the A to Z Challenge and my topic of choice was New Age Literary Terms. While I will not be doing Literary terms for the A2ZChallenge in the future, I will be continuing the terms individually, starting with the … Continue reading

IWSG – Done and Scared

So it is the first Wednesday of the month and it is time for the IWSG. Today, or rather about 30 minutes ago, I finished my book. Templar Five is written and is now with an editor to tell me all the mistakes I made. It hasn't hit me yet that I have finished, as I am very very exhausted. In the … Continue reading