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Nothing has gone according to plan. That happens, especially being a writer. You set everything out that you need to do and one thing or another interrupts you and suddenly, you are falling behind.

I recently spoke to another up and coming writer, who felt distressed that they had yet published a book. They were looking at what I had done and felt that I was so far ahead, they couldn’t catch up to me, that it may be too much for them to do.

It’s easy to get caught up in what others do and where others are at, and reflect on how you’re not meeting up to that. I told this person to compare our ages. They were in their early 20’s and I’m in my mid 30’s. I didn’t publish my first book until I was 31. This person has several years to get a book published and still be ahead of me. I think that helped them.

One of things I try to teach other writers is forgiving yourself. You have a plan, and you fail. Us writers… we take it hard. Failure to meet a deadline or fulfill a commitment, and we see ourselves as a failure.

I myself have failed to meet my deadlines. I’m sure others would state that there are extenuating circumstances, as I am disabled and can only do things a few hours at a time, but it still gets to me. I forgive myself. If I didn’t, I would stop writing.

Right now, my blog is suffering, but so is many other things. Only so much you can do, especially with a disability. I am behind on my worldbuilding. I know I said I would be introducing the next part this month, but I have to delay it. I am also delaying the release of my next book. Might even be a delay in when my publishing company comes out.

Something to be learned in the service industry, whether it is in a restaurant or making a video game… it is better that something is delayed than to give out poor quality. The trick is, not to delay it too much. So, my delaying things is because of my head and trying to get my life squared away. I could cut corners and get the other things done, but I rather delay things a little if it means that I can do something of greater quality.

As far as my book goes. I am working on it. I got a cover artist and an editor. I’m planning my marketing strategy for that. I may have to delay my book’s release until the end of July. I’m hoping that it won’t be that long, but we’ll see. At worst, I don’t want any longer than that.

My new business, I do have the domain name for it. http://www.concretedesk.com Couldn’t ask for a better domain than that. Surprised I got it. I am working on a series of books on helping out writers make better characters. I know a lot of books already do that, so I am shooting for something that hasn’t been done, and take my philosophy of this blog as make it fantastic. Once my site is setup, I will divide my blog between this site and that site.

One big announcement is that TVTropes.org has given me permission, so long as I properly cite them, to use their resources within my books about character development. For those who are unaware, TVTropes is an amazing resource that will help analyze a story and understand various element; perhaps even realize something you hadn’t thought about.

So as you can see, I got a lot to keep me busy. I still have options for what I want to do, but the major hurdle is just getting there. However, my first priority is my book, so once my book is done, I can focus on the other things I need to do. Until that time, I likely won’t post much on my blog. I will try though, as I hate not being an educator.

Thank you for all those who have given me support, and remember writers, forgive yourself and move past your failures.

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  1. I am neck deep writing my second novel now and stuff keeps getting in the way (including my health) stopping me from writing the first draft of a chapter every two days like I planned. So totally can understand that dead line thing.

    I also struggled to forgive myself for not planning and losing interest in writing many times when I was a teen and in my 20’s and just gave up. It was only when I hit 33 I felt I really wanted to fulfill my dream of writing a book and publishing it. I thought I would try and fail again but the drive to write has stuck with me for the last year, even after the month and a half break I took when I got married. It took half my life to not be to hard on myself when it comes to writing and do what I can when i can do it.

    I should really get around to buying up a web domain for my book. You just reminded me of it! Never done it before so it will be a learning experience.

    Ps. I really like the character names in Daygar:)

    • mad_cat says:

      Names took me a long time to do. The way we have names now were for the most part not like we had back then. Second names, or surnames, were derived back them from parents, places lived, or even occupation.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I fully agree with things getting in the way. And that to do list just gets longer and longer, and even when I cross something off, I still feel like I haven’t done enough.

    For me, the key is just to keep writing. If I can accomplish something of quality, even something small, every day, I’m getting somewhere. Whereas, if I start to panic and rush to push out as much work as possible, whatever I produce will not be any good.

    Good luck with your new website.

  3. I’m helping co-host this month and wanted to say–Congratulations! It looks like you’ve got a lot going on, but your attitude is right on. It’s better to devote the time needed to put out a great product instead of slinging things out to the public as fast as possible.

    I LOVE TVTropes. For years I’ve browsed through their many pages in an effort to avoid the cliche.

    Also, if it makes your friend feel any better I was in my late 30’s before my first book was published. There’s always someone “ahead” and we can’t really compare ourselves. We all have different experiences and styles of writing. I’m slow. Really slow sometimes, and that’s okay.

    Good luck with all you’re doing!

  4. aandj8804 says:

    I often feel behind myself. It was so nice that you were able to offer support to the 20-something writer. Congrats on all of the positives you have going currently. I had no idea what TVTropes was until I read your post…

    • mad_cat says:

      Now that you know… you can’t unknow.

      It’s a great website and I firmly believe it is useful to enhance your writing.

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