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Worldbuilding #2 – Tools

worldbuilding logo2Welcome to the second edition of the Worldbuilding series.

Unfortunately, this will be an informational article like the last one, but I promise you, the next article we will get our hands dirty.

We’ll be discussing tools today, that will allow us to do everything we need to make our world. So we’ll download our tools and learn how to use those tools to make our world.

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Qualia – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

QQualia. Find words for Q is hard enough, but Qualia is really hard to wrap your head around. The basic explanation I can give is thoughts and sensations that cannot be directly expressed to another person.

Try explaining red to a blind person. Generally we rely on other peoples frame of reference to know what a colour is, but if someone doesn’t have that reference, then it is almost impossible to explain something that appears on the 700nm visual spectrum.

Worldbuilding #1 – Earth

worldbuilding logo2Knowing what this series of articles have to offer, I’m sure you want to dive in and get into designing you world. I don’t blame you as designing a world is a lot of fun. Just for Map Making, there are 20 articles that will take you along the journey of making your world. Before we can get started, we need to go over preliminary information.

This article goes over some basics about our planet. To understand our plant helps us design our own world for our stories.

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Worldbuilding — Introduction 2

worldbuilding logo


Since the release of my blog a year ago, quite a bit has changed. I had a lot of ideas to make my blog really stand out. Many of them failed. That’s the nature of blogging. This website was to educate writers on how to write better, but most surprising is that my blog is most recognize for one thing: Worldbuilding.



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New Book Release

daygar legacy coming soonSo, this past week, I released a new book. This book is more of a promo edition, not the actual release of my book. The purpose of this release was in conjunction with my Pubslush campaign.The title of this book is:

DAYGAR LEGACY: Templar Five – Journey to Darlet

(continue to read rant)

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Prius Effect – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

PSo I’m getting this one done early while I’m doing some other things online. When you see this, you might be wondering if I mean the car. Yes, I do mean the car.

Today is a type of consumerism that really shows how people go about their lives, doing what is right in the face of popularity.

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Observation Effect – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

OI’m a day late on this due to some major events happening yesterday, but also because I pushed myself too hard to get my book out and really needed a rest. I don’t think anyone will mind.

The full title for this is: Observation Effect vs Uncertainty Principle.

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Narration – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

NUnfortunately today, I didn’t get a chance to do an research on this. I’ve had a busy and eventful day. Today I released a promo release of my book: DAYGAR LEGACY – Templar Five: Journey to Darlet.

For that reason, I don’t really have an article, but if you want to see Narration in action, check out the story. Go ahead, it’s free.

OK, that is cheating.

So, instead, I’ll have you go to a really good article that discusses POV, which is an element of narration. One of the best articles I’ve seen on this subject.

My Ultimate POV Guide – With Graphics And Examples by Veronica Sicoe

MacGuffin – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

MNow we are at the middle, of both the event and month. Today we tackle a plot device. Most of what I use is from psychology, but I do try to get a good mix of other things, to spice things up.

Today is MacGuffin. Sounds like a cartoon dog in a trench coat. Did I just date myself?

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Confabulation – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

CConfabulation. Almost sounds like I’m mispronouncing congratulations. Don’t worry, its an actual term. However, like all scientific terms, you likely know it by it layman’s term, False Memory. Basically, these are memories that for whatever reason are incomplete, and thus we fill in the blanks and make stuff up in our mind so it makes sense to us.

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