Swearing – A to Z Challenge New Age Literary Terms

SSo now we come to S. This was one of the first words I decided, having done so almost this time last year. We have Swearing. Swearing!? How is that a literary term? Swearing is just swearing right? Simple, easy, vulgur…

Well, you know if I’m writing an article on it, it is anything but simple.

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Long short of it, there are 5 types of swearing:

  • Abusive: The need to hurt others with your words to insult or intimidate (You stupid piece of shit)
  • Cathardic: A coping mechanism of dealing with a stressful situation (*picks up cup of coffee* Ah fuck, that’s hot.)
  • Dysphemism: Rather than use metaphors to describe something, you use vulgar language to describe something (such as describing sex as fucking)
  • Idiomatic: Swearing just for the sake of swearing. (Fuck yeah!)
  • Emphatic: To emphasis a point or idea. Generally you can say a sentence without the swears and it still make complete sense.

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