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daygar legacy coming soonSo, this past week, I released a new book. This book is more of a promo edition, not the actual release of my book. The purpose of this release was in conjunction with my Pubslush campaign.The title of this book is:

DAYGAR LEGACY: Templar Five – Journey to Darlet

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Help Keep This Site Running

This site is a great achievement for me, but due to being unable to work, I may not be able to keep this site running. With your help, I might be able to.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.

During my Kickstarter campaign, I wanted to release a chapter a week of the first book, but only release two chapters. This time, I wanted to release the whole book. In my process of writing, this book is ready to be seen by a professional editor. I’ve passed it around a bit to see what others think and I’ve edited as far as I can do, but I know it could use some work.

The problem though, is that unless my campaign is successful, I can’t get the professional quality I need to. Right now, my Pubslush campaign is doing far better than my Kickstarter. My Kickstarter only got $200, and this campaign is at $381. It is still a far cry from my $3000 goal.

I understand this is a time where others need help. You got to be responsible for yourself and your family. I completely understand, but also want people to know, $1 goes a long way. Enough people give $1, I meet my goal and have a chance at life. I have been denied a life by my disability and by the government. I know the only chance I have is to get a career that can accommodate my disability (post-concussion syndrome). Writing is the only one.

What’s interesting, is that this time last year, I was set to do my book. I expected it to take me a month, and could get it on Amazon in time for Phoenix Comicon. But I am a Sci-Fi writer breaking into Fantasy, and realized I needed to do some research. And some research turned into a more research, and even more after that. 6 months later, and I still hadn’t written a word. My research became so vast, I had to create my own wiki to organize everything. Ultimately that was a good thing.

Also interesting, is that I’ve been wanting to do this story for over five years. It was before I ever heard of Twilight. The only influence Twilight has for this book is what not to do, seriously! However, the version back then was different from what I’m writing now. It’s the nature of being a writer.

The old version death with protectors designed to fight against vampires becoming corrupt due to immortality. It showed that it wasn’t that vampires were simply evil, but the power they possessed and long life is what was responsible for their evil ways and that humans given the gift of vampire powers, became the same. What is the same between the two versions is this book.

Of course, back then, what is now four chapters was only one. Then the story jumps 500 years in the future. I couldn’t get the story to work out though, so I instead focused on the transformation and spent the next few years occasionally thinking about this, and now have a whole world designed with 15 books planned. It’s been quite a journey.

When this books is officially released, this will be a free book for download. It will allow people to check out my universe and decide if they want to check it out further. I refer to 15 books being written, but this is not included in that number.

When I say 15 books, I mean core books. Technically, this is part of the Templar Five story. The difference between this and the core book is that this is a supplement. Meant to add to the core story, but doesn’t take away from it. You don’t need to read this to enjoy the main story (though it is highly suggested you do). Each core book will have between 1 – 4 supplements, so when I speak of 15 books, I could likely be talking about 60 actual releases.

Do note, that if a printed copy of Templar Five were released, it would include all the supplements, an all in one.

I haven’t given up on Sci-Fi, and have books planned for those, including a sequel to Terran Psychosis. I want to live a lifetime writing and working hard so I can live my life, be of service to my readers. It’s a lot to ask, I know, but I really need help.

I want to give special shout out to my friend Mercedes Carrera. She is an amazing smart woman that I am grateful to have as a friend. For those who are unaware, she is a former engineer in STEM field, who is now a world famous porn star. She has volunteered a special prize, that if you spend $100 on my campaign, you will get a special gift of a picture from her signed.

Like I said, every bit helps. If you can’t donate, I ask that you become a fan and share on facebook and twitter. If I can reach $500, I can take that home and at least get 1 book edited. If I do get the $3000, I can get 4 books with high quality covers and professional editing, and have enough left over for marketing. Please spread the word, and enjoy the book. Click on the title up top to see the book.

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