BIRG & CORF – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

BWe have a double word day. Basking in Reflected Glory (BIRG) and Cutting Off Reflected Failure (CORF). They pretty much are what they sound like, and while a deep discussion goes into all the ways we do either, this synopsis can really be done in your mind as you pretty much know what this is about.


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However, I will briefly state that BIRG is a concept that you take other people successes and attribute them to your own success. A sports team does good, you feel good. A friend gets a promotion, you feel like you’ve gotten a promotion. It’s normal human behavior.

Though, if someone fails badly, you are quick to dislike them and cut them out of your life. Failure is not an option. Failing is a sign of weakness, and no one wants to be around anyone who has failed.

Characters will easily attack themselves to winners and detach themselves from losers. Local town hero is well loved until they lose the big game and then everyone hates them. Its sad that this happens, but it does, and it is human nature. Something to think about when you writer your character, especially characters in a group.

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