Kansas City Shuffle – A to Z Challenge, Literary Terms

KTaking a new approach for the rest of this event. While I love doing long posts, they are too much for me, especially right now, with my Pubslush campaign, my book due out this week, my worldbuilding articles, and as always, my disability.

So, rather than stop the challenge, I’m altering it. What you will see is a quick preview of a much longer article I will write later. It is my plan to build a database of words for a New Age Literary Reference Guide.

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Basically, a Kansas City Shuffle is a con. Like all cons, it requires conning people. Unlike other cons, this one relies on the fact that a person is expecting a con. They know its coming. So how do you con someone who is expecting it. Future article will discuss this.

This is a lesson for writers, about using twists in stories and make use of Red Herrings. People these days are expecting it. So how do you do a twist if people are expecting a twist? Check out the article next month for more details.

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