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#atozchallenge Theme Reveal


Today, as you can see, is the reveal of my AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal.

For those who don’t know what this is, AtoZ Challenge is a blog challenge were people come together to make a post for 26 days of a month for each corresponding letter. The calendar shows which day you write a blog and what letter your blog title has to begin with.


Why do this? There is no prize to be won here. I do it because I like the challenge, and that I’ve met some great people in doing this. More than that, it is a great way to bring people to your website.

My Theme

So yes, you are wanting to know what my theme is. No real surprise if you followed my AtoZ last year this year I am doing Literary terms. You might thing that I got all the standard literary terms last year (especially for certain letters), but my Literary terms are not exactly conventional. For me, I think for all the aspects of worldbuilding and character development, we need to look into the world of psychology, mathematics, game theory, economy, biology, social science, and other things. Fiction writing is about revealing our world in written form, so we should learn how the world truly works.

Unlike last year, this year I won’t be doing two words each day. As well received as that was, it was a nightmare. I’m amazed that I’m not grey and bald. I may discuss other terms this year in conjunction with my term of the day, but it won’t necessarily match the same letter, nor will I try to find a way to write how they are common to the writing world.

What I will do though, is explain what each topic is and then how it relates to writing.

I am not doing a full theme reveal, as I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing, though I do have a good idea. I will however reveal 4 words I will be doing that I am most excited about.

A – Amygdala Hijack
L – Law of Conservation of Detail
M – MacGuffin
O – Observation Effect vs Uncertainty Principle

I hope you are excited as I am. I will be following a number of others and trying to leave a comment on your post. Yes, part of it will be to invite you to view my post, but I will try to state what I liked about your post. To that effect, if you post on mine, feel free to mention your post, but I do ask that you try to state what you like about my post.

If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, click the big banner up top.

Failure is an Option

tools of the tradeWe hear this often enough, ‘Failure is Not an Option’. This was probably best known in the Apollo 13 movie. Interesting enough, it was never a phrase said during such time, but it was the basic premise.

We live in a culture where the idea of failure is an expression of something bad. Truth be told, it is something bad. However, if there is one thing video games has taught us, that failure is an opportunity to learn. In fact, the more times we fail, the closer we are to finding the solution. As the saying goes:

“When life hands you lemons, you get back on the horse, and throw glass at the rolling stone, while skinning the cat.”

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Calm Before the Storm

This won’t be much of a post. I’m trying to get in the habit of posting on my blog, even if it is something simple.

There is a lot of preparation for the coming months. I have the AtoZ challenge coming up, my crowdfunding, the #Hope4Cytherea, my books, my marketing, my commitments to other people, and of course, my worldbuilding. They say to take things one step at a time, but to do everything I need to by the Summer time, I’ve got to do a little of everything at once.

Today is a rest day, getting myself calm and ready. Maybe do a little cleaning. The next month and a half will be work, pain, work, pain, work, pain. In that order. I promise to continue to contribute to the site and will be a fixture on twitter to those who follow me. I intend to keep my commitments, but won’t be doing too many extra things as of this time.

Thank you to all my supporters.

#ISWG – Starting Again

InsecureWritersSupportGroup2It is the first Wednesday of the month, and that means it is time for Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

For those not familiar with this, it was started by Alex J. Cavanaugh with the idea of picking one day to share your fears and weaknesses so that you can find comfort with other writers who likely have the same fears and weaknesses.

It’s been quite some time since I have done this, and I apologize for that. I can only hope I will be doing this more often from now on.


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Grammar: Breast vs Tit [REPOST]

tools of the tradeThis not exactly a grammar issue but a stylized choice. Like other segments on this site, I discuss the rules of Grammar which turn out not to be rules but a stylized option.

Now if you came here expecting literary erotica and pictures of naked women, I am sorry to disappoint you. This will be a mature article on the discussion of how to describe a body part found on a female (technically a male too, but men get skiddish on the suggestion of that).


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1-Year Anniversary

intellectual selfie png colourYesterday was my official 1-year anniversary of ‘Madness of a Modern Writer’ blog. What a year it has been.

It was a rough transition from a wordpress free site to my own hosting account. I got little traffic at first. Then I had the AtoZ challenge, which put me on the map and I got a lot of views.

Then, after attending Comicon and showing off my maps, and a writer suggested I post on reddit. Over night my blog got a lot of traffic. So much so, about a few days ago, I hit 16,000 total views with 6500 visitors. Which is an average of 1,333 views and 542 visitors per month. I’ve had many blogs before and they usually failed.

My Worldbuilding series has been highly successful. You always want to find a niche for your blog to give people a reason to come to your site, and worldbuilding has been it. About 90% of total views has been for the Worldbuilding series.

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#1 Self-Serving Bias & Stockholm Syndrome

fireworks-clip-art-1Read Post Here

I get a lot of web searches that lead people to my site for this article. It is a really great one, describing how we protect our ego from harm. Ego is often seen in a negative way, indication one is full of themselves. In truth, ego is rather benign.

The thing is, we protect who we are on the inside, and we try to remain strong. When something threatens that, we do whatever we can to maintain that protection, which often results in us doing things that we might not ordinarily do. For this reason, both of these concepts really speak to what a person will do to protect who they are deep inside, often time unaware of what they’re doing.

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