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Countdown to Anniversary

In light of my 1-year Anniversary, I am doing a count down of my top 10 highest viewed posts. This will not include interviews or tutorials, but posts about writing. I will do 2 a day. This is exciting stuff.

Trying to Come Back

Several times I’ve tried to come back to writing and for whatever reason, something holds me back. Normally I would say it is an excuse, and perhaps it is, but I do think it is valid. As always, it is my disability getting the worse of me. As of late, I’ve been on anti-depressants, because again, Doctors don’t want to listen to me when I tell them that they don’t work on me. This one is particular nasty, but I’m trying to give it an honest chance to work, as Doctors love to say that it takes time. So, I am giving it time.

I have a strong desire to come back, and going to try. I am trying to do a few things now, and am pushing for March 1 come back, which will officially be my 1 year anniversary since I started this site. I plan to finish my worldbuilding series, at least the map making portion. This will be a high priority, then start doing articles on writing education. I won’t be doing interviews at this time, though I may make special exception to anyone who really wants to do one.

There will be some changes coming in the future for my life, but I want to remind those who visit my site, this site is dedicated to writer education and worldbuilding. It is also my platform to show my books and other peoples work in the writing world.

Look forward to my 1 year anniversary.

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