#4 Ab ovo & Anitclimax

Read Post Here For everything, there is a beginning, and this was the first article of the AtoZ challenge, and what better than an article talking about Ab ovo. Ab ovo is Greek, meaning, from the beginning. Interesting, it can also mean, from the egg. Ab ovo is about a story of how Zeus … Continue reading

Leonard Nimoy’s Death

It is reported today that Leonard Nimoy has died. This is a loss to the world. This is also a great loss to me. Growing up, the only thing that really meant the most to me was Star Trek. We had the VHS of the films and I must have watched them 1000 times. Star Trek was a big part of my life and … Continue reading

#5 – Vice & Virtue

Read Post Here This article was one of the last fun ones I did for the AtoZ challenge. While understanding Vice and Virtue can be simple, I must make everything overly complex. It's who I am. The common misconception is that Vice and Virtue is synonymous with Bad and Good, respectively. But … Continue reading