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Updates and Gift Ideas

In my last post for #IWSG, I reported that I was facing the possibility of being homeless. Now I did make my asking goal, but someone also came forward and offered me a place to live. Next month, I am leaving my home in Arizona and moving to Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia).

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#IWSG – New Project

The last first Wednesday of the month, or otherwise known, last Internet Writer’s Support Group post of the year.

This has been an interesting year, and by interesting, I mean very tough. But in that, I managed to release two books, then re-released them after that. Unfortunately, the tough times are still going and it seems like it will last for most of next year.

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Literary Terms – BIRG & CORF

This is a rather unique Literary term article, as it will make use of two terms rather than one. The reason is that both borrow from the same source but then divide from there. Rather than repeating information again, I will simply discuss both in this article.

Today we are tacking Basking in Reflected Glory (BIRG) and Cutting Off Reflected Failure (CORF).

When I originally did this article, I had given a great deal of research to this. Since that time, I have learned more as a writer and expand this article further.

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#IWSG – Benefit of eBooks

Today I wanted to write about my recent success of releasing my new book, Daygar Legacy – Templar Five (which you can see on the sidebar if you scroll down a bit). Releasing that book was one of the greatest moments I’ve had since my accident. All the blood, sweat, and tears I put into making this and it finally was on the market.

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Share a Scare – Free Book

I an proud to participate in this years Share A Scare, from my good friends at Wittegen Press. I didn’t have time to write a story, so instead, for one day only, I am doing a free release of Daygar Legacy series.

For those who don’t know, my first book was released as two books (with two more other books for a total of 4 books). The first book acts as a prologue, but is a complete story. It is free for you to read, and if you like, buy the rest of the story. The core book is only $2.99, but for Halloween, I am giving away for free.

General Synopsis: Vampires in the 14th century are spreading a disease throughout Europe that are killing people by the thousands everyday, and it is now up to a group of Knights, the last remnant of the Templar Knights to stop them. But why are Vampires killing off their food source?

Daygar Legacy #0.5 – Templar Five – Journey to Darlet – Free
Vampires are spreading a disease and four knights journey across Europe to seek help from an unlikely source… other vampires. But will they help, or watch mankind fall?

Daygar Legacy #1 – Templar Five – $2.99 (use coupon code LN33W during checkout)
Before the rogue vampires agree to help, they require evidence to be brought to them, evidence of an impending attack. Yet our heroes lied about it and to secure the alliance, must produce this evidence. Five Knights will travel across France to do the impossible: Capture a vampire alive.

If you like either book, please consider giving an honest review. I have these books on all the major markets, but would like reviews for Amazon and Smashwords (and possibly Goodreads).

Also check out my other books on my sidebar.

Daygar Legacy has been Published

Hard to believe, but it is finally here. I not only have finished my books, but they are now on the market. It feels amazing. This is by far my biggest accomplishment to date. The core book is about 100 pages, which is my longest book, but even the supplement that I released is twice as big as Terran Psychosis. And the release of the core book marks my 5th book published, if you include my compilation book I did with other indie writers (which I do include).

There are a lot of firsts here. There is much to discuss about the process, from the original idea many years ago (the story was much different), to uploading it on Smashwords (this is the first time I’ve used Smashwords). However, this article won’t go over all of that, and I will likely discuss this to death with future articles on here and other websites.

Now the real fun begins. Marketing. It’s the ugly word that writers hate. I don’t mind it so much. Once you study it and try out a few things, you can find your best method and make it easy on yourself.

Just a note with #0.5. On Smashwords, you can get it for free, but on Amazon, it costs $0.99. Amazon doesn’t let you set it to free. I’ve told Amazon that it is free on Smashwords, which may update, or may not. For right now, it will remain free on Smashwords for 6 months, then be sold for $0.99. You can get an Amazon copy on Smashwords, but it requires you to upload to your own device and not use the Amazon website.



cover text amazon thumbnailDaygar Legacy #0.5 – Templar Five – Journey to Darlet
Vampires are a ruthless killing machine. When they’re hungry, you are dead. But now they’re spreading a disease that is killing humans by the thousands each day. Why would a predator kill their food supply? It is up to a group of Templar Knights to seek aid from an unlikely ally, who may very well hold the secret to the Vampire Invasion. But, will they help, or watch mankind fall?
Amazon ($0.99)
Smashwords (Free)



DL - T5 - Smashwords Cover miniDaygar Legacy #1 – Templar Five
Vampires have ever only been a nuisance. But now, they are spreading a deadly disease killing in the thousands. Five knights set out to stop them, five who stand as the last of the Templar Order. After meeting with an unlikely ally, they must now do the impossible: Capture a vampire alive.
Amazon ($2.99)
Smashwords ($2.99)

Worldbuilding 14.2 – Silver

Today is a new day for a Worldbuilding article. It takes me several days to produce one of these articles, as I do a lot of research into them, to which I am glad to do. There is a lot of satisfaction when I can bring it all together, and enjoy the feedback, especially on reddit.

Today we discuss Silver. Silver is part of the 7 Metals of Antiquity, which are the known metals of the world until the 1800’s. I plan to cover each of these as they are the most likely metals to show up in your world, especially for fantasy writers.

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Worldbuilding #15 – Concrete

So far we’ve discussed metals for the worldbuilding series, today we take a sidestep and look at another element important to our society, Concrete.

It’s hard to go anywhere today and not see some form of concrete, whether in building, roads, bridges, or a vast variety of other things. Like metal, it has been one of the key elements that has shaped our modern society, starting nearly 300 years ago. However, it is not a new concept and has been around since prehistoric times.

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IWSG – The Curse of Editing

It’s Wednesday again, that means it is time for IWSG. The last month has been hard on me. Of all the things we do as writers, I think the one thing I hate most is editing. Many will say marketing, but for me, I’d rather do marketing.

For the last month I’ve been doing editing, and it has been quite challenging. My disability doesn’t make it easy on me, often having to take long breaks that can last for a day, not feeling good most of the time. But I am thankful for the attention to detail my editor has given to my work and I want to talk about her today.

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Worldbuilding #14.1 – Copper

Welcome to the second article of my new Worldbuilding series. Today we discuss one of the most important metals: Copper. Copper is really the unsung hero when it comes to metals. While noted for its use when there were only a few known metals in the world, it soon fell out of favor over time, only for it to resurface and the is metal responsible for the modern age of electronics. However, it is not just electronics that make Copper so valuable, but how it reacts to water as well.

Of all metals, Copper has an interesting history and understanding that will definitely help you in understanding its place within your universe.

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