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IWSG — Failed Kickstarter & People to Thank

IWSG badgeI know that posts for the IWSG is suppose to be the first Wednesday of the month, but I want to post my woes today  I hope no one minds.

Yesterday, before I did the interview, I failed Kickstarter. It ran for 60 days. I was asking for $3000, and only made $212. I had 18 backers. My goal with Kickstarter was to raise money for me to properly publish my book and be able to generate an income from that so I could start getting the proper treatment I could for my disability.

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Interview — Mary Harner

Professional Portrait_Mary HarnerI had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Harner. A wonderful person who is getting their Masters in Physics and spends her time shooting lasers at stuff. When she’s not doing that, she is writing. She has released one book to the market so far with plans to do more. Her current book is Sandman.

Join me in interviewing Mary and understanding her method of writing, from doodles in her notebook pages to a full blown story.


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Guest Post – Writing: How Can It Help Those Facing Mental Disability? on Writerology

Celebrating Mental Health Day, I wrote an article about how writing helps me live my life. I thank Skye for the opportunity to post on her blog. Her blog is full of great articles, so definitely check out her site.


IWSG – 1 Year Anniversay – Same Old

IWSG badgeA month has gone by already and here we are. Today is a special day amongst all others, as we are celebrating the anniversary of the Internet Writer’s Support Group. Special thanks to Kristin Smith, Elsie, Suzanne Furness, Fundy Blue and of course Alex J. Cavanaugh

If you are not aware of what IWSG is, in short, it is a time for writers to open their hearts and tell the writing community what ails them. Mostly a way to let other writers know they are not alone.

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Guest Blogging on J. Rose Allister’s blog [REPOST]

As writers, we need to support each other any ways we can, and one of the best ways is to post an article on someone elses blog. This article is about your equipment that you find in your story and an approach on how to write it in properly. You certainly don’t want to have Batman’s Utility Belt where you always have the solution, but at the same time you don’t want to constrict your writing that you are bound by what you write. Check it out.

A note, that while I do a variety of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, this blog is by an erotica author. The reason I chose to have a post here is that there are a lot of good articles on the craft of writing, and at the end of the day, writing is writing and the rules are crucial for all forms of writing. So check out my article and check out other articles on the site. There is a treasure of advice waiting for you to find.

10,000 Blog Views


Big announcement today. I have reached 10,000 blog views. I’m technically at 10,030, having got 10k a few hours ago. I waited due to the fact that when I first moved to a private domain, the first day of testing settings, I had 30 views done by me. While my original blog started in December, I moved over from to my own private website, and I couldn’t take my stats with me. So starting from March to today, that is an average of 1428 views per month.


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Worldbuilding #10a – River Sediment and Floodplains

WorldAs I mentioned, there are a lot to rivers. You can simply draw a squiggly line from point A to point B and call it a day, but if you really want to understand the how and why of a river, especially if you are seeking an accurate story, then we need to go into finer detail of rivers.

In reading this, you may ask why do we need to go into so much detail about rivers. Often times in narrative, rivers are treated as water inside a ditch. It’s more complicated that that. In knowing how rivers work, may change elements of your story.

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Kickstarter — Day 30, 30 Days Left

It has been 30 days since I started my kickstarter campaign and while I so far have 14 backers, I am at $184. Now I do not mean to sound ungrateful, as every $1 counts towards my goal, but I really need people to start donating if I am going to reach my goal by the end of the next 30 days. I know $3000 seems like a lot, but to do 5 books, it is not that much money. It would barely be enough to cover my expenses. Which is why I asked for that amount specifically.

I am thankful for those that have tweeted for me, and a lot of people have been reached through that campaign. Honestly though, if you want to help and cannot donate, I could still use help in getting me message out there.

I have released a new video on my Kickstarter campaign, that talks about what my series is and what you are investing in. Check it out.

Now if you are one of those who is waiting to get money before you donate, you can donate now and won’t be charged until the end of October. If you know you will have money then, you can donate now and you won’t be charged unless I reach my goal.

This is not over yet, we’ve got 30 days to make it happen. Together we can do this. I’m not giving up hope. Help my cause and make me a success story, make me someone that other writers with disability can look up to. Help me be a role model for those like me. Lastly, give me the capability so I can work hard to help myself.

Daygar Legacy – Templar Five – Chapter 1 Part II

daygar legacy coming soonI’m pleased to announce that part 2 is of the first chapter of Templar Five, of the Daygar Legacy series.

This is an important one, as it introduces a lot of the problems that will be featured in the first book as well as the entire series. We learn about why Jacques was so hesitant about fighting the vampires, and why they had been riding a month to get here if there are vampires to hunt.

A few have read it and have given me good remarks on it. Remember that this is only a first draft of the story. So there are bound to be mistakes on it. Hopefully if my kickstarter is successful, I can overcome that problem.

Go here for Part 2

If you’ve missed Part 1, you can go here to see the listing of stories

Guest Blog: Simplicity Does Not Fix Complexity on Godless Mom’s Blog

I try to avoid political discussion on this blog. It is about writer’s education, not a soapbox for my ideology. I may post elsewhere what it is, my blog is safe from this. However, after seeing some comments on it and talking to some friends, they’ve encourage me in posting this.

Please note that I don’t believe all of religion are unthinking. Nor do I believe anyone of religion is stupid. I remark my personal experience in dealing with people while having a disability. I respect anyone with their beliefs so long as they show me the same respect for my lack of belief.

Simplicity Does Not Fix Complexity

Thank you Godless Mom for the opportunity.

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