10,000 Blog Views


Big announcement today. I have reached 10,000 blog views. I’m technically at 10,030, having got 10k a few hours ago. I waited due to the fact that when I first moved to a private domain, the first day of testing settings, I had 30 views done by me. While my original blog started in December, I moved over from wordpress.com to my own private website, and I couldn’t take my stats with me. So starting from March to today, that is an average of 1428 views per month.


I have had several blogs over the years, and I’ve never had a successful one such as this. I know it was a lot of hard work, a lot of marketing, and a little bit of luck. This blog has been an amazing success. I am constantly breaking records I don’t think are possible, always going bigger and better. While I do a lot of education for writing, I must say that my hard work in the Worldbuilding series is what has propelled me to the top.

I hope to do a video this weekend to talk about my success and be of inspiration to others. I seriously thought it would be a year before I got to 10k, and I did it in 7 months. The way my Worldbuilding series is going and all my contributions to the writer’s community, I predict this time next year, I get at least 100 views on average… per day. That’s a tall order to fill, but I am confident I will get there.

Also worth mentioning is that this week I surpassed 4000 total visitors. I believe this measures day by day. This tells me that each visitor to my site looks at about 2 – 3 pages on my blog.

Right now I am taking a break from writing and blogging, but come Sunday, I am back on the clock, and going to work hard for my readers. Let’s see if he we can get to the next 10,000 faster than before. We did it in 7 months, let’s do it in 5 months.

Please leave comments to show your support, I would love to hear from you.

Help Keep This Site Running

This site is a great achievement for me, but due to being unable to work, I may not be able to keep this site running. With your help, I might be able to.

I need $125 by October 30th, 2017. Anything you can give will help.


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