Kickstarter Update — Daygar Legacy Titles + Supplements

daygar legacy coming soonNot exactly big news, but important none-the-less. I have mapped out the names of my first five novels. These are subject to change, but help me know the direction I am going and makes it a bit more real. This whole thing is real for me, but with writing, things can always become more real when you are first starting out.

I won’t be listing what they are about, as these novels will be between 30 – 100 pages, and won’t have a lot of lot of description that wouldn’t ruin the story for you. However, based on some of the titles, you will be able to gleam some story off of it.

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The titles:

1 – Templar Five
2 – Fulfilling Promises
3 – The Other Templar Five
4 – Birth of a New Order
5 – Journey to the North

I am also considering doing supplements of the story. Little between tales that expand some events in the book that was taken out due to size of overall book. These would be written with the original story and then taken out and made into separate books. My one rule about doing this is that not reading them won’t take away from the overall story. However, in reading them, you gain more insight into the characters and the universe. I imagine there would be between 1 – 3 Supplements for a single book, though the story may be small enough to not have one.

For Templar Five, there are 3 currently planned:

1.1 – Night in Avignon
1.2 – Battle of Melle
1.3 – Temporary Stop

If I do this, those who pre-ordered my books through the Kickstarter Campaign will receive a special Kickstarter edition with those books put into the overall story. The regular ebook version will not have the supplements in, though future versions might. Also, if I do release a physical book copy, that will likely feature all the supplements.

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