Book Review: Fresh Cut by Eve A. Floriste

1395722084I recently met a wonderful writer and we exchanged stories to read and review. The agreement being that we give HONEST reviews of each other, even if they would be bad. I have given this 4-stars for a review on her Amazon page and I want to spend a bit telling you what I like and why I boast it being a book that every writer should read.


First let me say that this was a hard book to read. First off, there is little positive things going on in this book. It went from bad to worse to even more worse than you could have thought. You prayed for things to back to just bad. This book is also difficult because it is not really a story. Not in the sense you are use to. It reads more like an autobiography than a book of conflict and characterization.

The story is about Eve, who was destined to work in a flower shop. Oh no, the horror. Right? Yeah, it actually is horror, more than you ever thought. The flowers might be pretty, but the people are anything but. You learn more about flower shops and the industry than you ever really cared to know. Mixed with the abuse our narrator suffered, growing up with sexual abuse, emotionally distant parents, bad friends, and a lot of bad choices. This resulted in a girl who didn’t love life and got a joy in cutting herself for the enjoyment of it.

We see this a lot in life and in stories, but what we don’t see is a look into the mind of such a person. This book is extremely good at putting us in the mind of a girl on edge, barely holding onto reality and making it in a cruel world. This book doesn’t just tell what is happening, we see how her mind operates, how it functions. What does sh

e think about in any given moment? Often going on tangents about this or that before coming back to her point.

This book proved to be emotionally hard for me, as it brought up a lot of childhood issues I faced. Nothing as bad as Eve suffered, but I still suffered none-the-less. I gave it four stars due to this not being a story story. Had I not met the author and become friends with her, I might have stopped after the first page or two. Having had read it, I now use it as a resource for when I need to do research for character development.

I STRONGLY recommend reading this book. If you want to be a successful writer, then you need to know how people think and feel. More than that, why do they make the decisions they do. Especially important for men getting into the mind of a female (though this is just one archetype) or girls who never had such a horrific life (I hope that this is a good majority).

To get your copy of this book, check it out here.

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